Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Why being in a square state trumps being in a small snotty state...

This was never going to be about politics....and hey, it still isn't. But that said, I'm done being a political junkie. Joining a 12 step. Quitting cold turkey. I've had it. If I could kick the state of Massachusetts in it's tiny-little-snotty-state-ass, I would. But I can't and anyway, reality tells me that the Dems were just stupid, and stepped in it, but on the flip side, I wouldn't trust the Republican party to clean the hair out of my bathtub drain. So I'm mad at MA over the Senate loss.
For me; the other reason the feeling of pain and loss has attached itself heavily to Massachusetts is that Robert B. Parker has passed away. He was one of my favorite authors.
Spenser and Jesse Stone felt like real guys...because so much of Parker (and his affection for all things Boston) were deeply embedded in the characters. I can't shake the feeling that they are kind of stuck now in some sort of literary limbo. Yes- it's selfish, because reading his novels was such a pleasure...but it just seems like in the last 48 hours a lot has happened to make MA a sad place to be. Here in Hotchkiss, it's snowing outside right now. If I squint my eyes and look out the front of the house where the old stone church is, I can imagine I'm somewhere in Spenser's world. Think I'll dig up the recipe for Durgin Park Indian Pudding, and find a bottle of Johnny Walker. The 12 step was for politics....remember?
Back to Colorado thoughts tomorrow.

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