Sunday, January 31, 2010

It's all about the butter...

When I was younger (much younger) I never understood why people got into drugs when they could get into food and sex instead. Sadly, that was decades ago, before we had to worry so much about the safety of such what we eat. What spurred this soul-searching and reminiscing? My husband just returned from having a long-overdue physical, which involved numerous diet and life-style changes; and as a result, I've had to come to terms with some of my own behavior and beliefs. I've had to ask myself some serious questions- like, why do I go into a panic mode if I have fewer than 5 lbs. of butter on hand at any given time? (don't's logical, because- you don't understand...I might need to bake something major. My niece lives across the street and she might need to bake something serious at the same time and have to borrow a few lbs.; the grocery store closes at 9:00 PM; my sister lives on the next block- she might have a baking emergency at the same moment and need to augment her butter supply. Hey, it could happen. It has happened. What if we all decide to make a triple-threat chocolate cake with caramel frosting on the same night, after City Market is closed? Then what would we do?) Yikes, I'd better up that minimum safety butter level to 8 lbs. Just to be sure.
OK- I digress...what I wanted to mention was that this past week we had an amazing experience at the VA in Grand Junction. Never, ever have I come in contact with a group of more well-equipped, kind, capable, or respectful doctors or health care providers- but that's a story for another day. The take away is that we can no longer behave like we did when we were 30 years younger and 30 lbs. lighter. I'm sure the transition won't be a piece of cake... maybe it's more like the proverbial carrot and the stick- just not nearly as much fun.

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