Friday, April 27, 2012

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Is it just me...or do you see it, too?

If I had to decide who is more trustworthy, between these two, I'd go with the Muppet any day. And by Muppet I mean Guy Smiley. Right now I'm thinking that I'd like to have some of whatever those guys at MSN who authored Today's First Thoughts "Strengths On Display" put in their coffee this morning. Their reality is much more colorful and full of fantasy than mine- there was so much make -pretend in what they wrote,you'd think they were talking about Guy Smiley especially when you get to the part about Mitt 'delivering one of the best speeches of the cycle', which although isn't saying much, still gives him a pass on being a big lying liar. Last night's speech following his primary wins was full of fiction. Mitt fell back on recycling the fib about the President apologizing for America,(debunked as were the economic stats he used) and yammered on about Mom and Dad who never thought they'd be on food stamps. He fails to mention that Mom and Dad would most certainly need assistance if they worked for a company that Bain Capital gutted, and also forgets that he's perfectly fine on the issue of drastic reductions to food assistance programs. It's time for Democrats to stand up and start calling out the food stamp bullshit- you know, those phony statements like "I saw my cousin's sister's aunt's nephew's friend in the grocery store and he was buying lobster for his dog and paying for it with food stamps." The RWNJ's are always full of these fictional tales about system abuse...the circumstances and locales change but the demonizing stays the same. 
My message to anyone who has a story like this is, "No, you didn't. You're making shit up, or repeating something you read some knuckle-dragger comment, or heard on Faux News. You're exaggerating, or flat out lying. BTW,  If you are in the grocery store, and paying that much attention to what people are buying and how they are paying for it, (you 'd have to get up close and personal to know what kind of card they swipe through the reader at the check outs) then you need to mind your business, because you don't know anyone else's circumstances. And take two steps back, because you're in someone else's personal space.
I digress. My whole point is that Mitt Romney spread around a whole bunch of hooey last night, and it's only going to get worse. The economy will improve with fewer Republicans in charge, not more.
We had years to observe what the failed Republican policies of unfunded wars and tax breaks brought us. The kids at MSN who wrote First Thoughts completely overlooked Mitt's sit-down at the picnic table with the Repo's in Penn last week; where Mitt was told outright they'd rather pay a little more in taxes than suffer more education layoffs. He didn't engage them at all, and appeared stiff and uncomfortable. Clearly, those Repo voters hadn't been vetted well enough to have a sit-down with the candidate.  If anyone who is sober enough to stand up straight seriously thinks that our economy would be better, not worse with more Republican strategies in place, then I say, you've just proved another Romney lie from last night's speech. The one where he said, "We're not stupid." If you believe he's credible, that's exactly what you are.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Poor Ted Nugent. He could die or go to jail!'s Ted Nugent. Today he told the NRA (besides some really hate-y shit about chopping off heads) that he could die or go to jail if President Obama is re-elected.
I'm OK with that. Really, I am.
Frankly, there would be a brief period where some suck-ass AM stations play his songs for about 20 minutes, then everyone would forget about him. He's just that important in this patchwork quilt of America. I think I'll keep my money on the President.
But, if you're so inclined, you NRA guys should maybe try the 'clap for Tinkerbell' thing for good old Ted. Cause he's about as much of  a tough guy as Tink. I saw him today,  he's definitely fluffier, and without waving his weapon in your face, he's about as tough as a garden gnome.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Hey, Mr. Booker...Thanks for that.

Since Newark, New Jersey's Mayor, Corey Booker did such an amazing and heroic job running into building on fire to save a neighbor,
maybe the GOP should try and get him to try and help with their continuing crisis of 'pants-on-fire' candidates.
Can anyone imagine Chris Christie or even Donald Trump doing what Mr. Booker did?
The difference between being a character and having one. Way to be a hero, Mr. Booker.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Round up of Rethug Ruins

So Herman Cain thinks (?) that men are better informed. He recently said during a (what else) interview on Faux News that "Many men are much more familiar with the failed policies than a lot of other people or the general public."
OK, even if you take the asshattery out of the equation, what remains is  some incoherent thought. He doesn't say 'women', he says other people, or general public. Ummm, exactly are...other people?
Men. Women. Other People. WTF? OK, why am I even's Herman Cain.

Next up to bat, Newt Gingrich. Recently, the 500 dollar check his campaign wrote to cover the filing fee for the Utah Republican Primary bounced.
 Uh-oh. Didn't we just hear that one of Newt's think(?) tanks recently had to file for bankruptcy? Oh, no Fluffy! Aren't you the guy who is always sounding off about what a smart fellow you are? Evidently not smart enough to sign up for overdraft protection- and obviously you and your people have no qualms about dumping debt.'re setting one hell of an example of good fiscal judgement.

Then we have Gov. Chris Christie, who was getting his butt kicked by the GAO's report that revealed the NJ Governor/Bully had been less than honest with his reasons for cancelling the new train tunnel across the Hudson.
 The GAO report revealed Christie exaggerated the unforeseen costs and misstated NJ's share of costs- all so he could shore up the trust that is generally funded by NJ's gas tax. Guess it was more important for Christie to stay the Repo star than to give a fig about his state's aging infrastructure.

All that plus Allen West (Insane Party) Florida sees Communists, and the One Million Moms has problems with: ABC's ' GCB', Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue, same-sex Archie comics, Liquid Plumr ads, Lifetime's 'The Client List', Macy's (two grooms; too same-sex friendly) JC Penney, (Ellen as their spokesperson), ABC's 'Modern Family', Mariah Carey showing too much skin in a Jenny Craig ad, Target (for co-sponsoring and promoting a help-line for teens struggling with gender-related issues), Ben & Jerry's (Schweddy Balls ice cream flavor), Rite-Aid, Walgreens and CVS (for selling adult toys on their website), Oreo TV spots, (they object to the term, 'Shut the front door!'), Gay Day at Disney, and SNL. Those are just a few of the items this group objects to. What I couldn't find the One Million Moms getting their too-uptight panties in a wad about?
Sexualizing three-year-olds. Verbal abuse of kids on dance shows. Minority kids getting gunned down on their way home.
It appears by reading their statements that the One Million Hypocrites are fresh out of moral outrage when it comes to 'Toddlers in Tiaras', the program where disturbed parents dress up their tots like little prostitutes and parade them around like livestock. Or 'Dance Moms' where the nasty abusive excuse for a dance teacher screams and humiliates students, and their parents.  And we have not heard one word of condolence or outrage from the 'Moms' on the topic of Travyon Martin.
Way to demonstrate how 'Christian Values' translate. Every time one of these RWNJ's spouts off, they give us shining examples of what is worth fighting for. Too bad for them,  it's not any of their talking points.