Friday, February 10, 2012

Update...Westboro calls it off.

They're not showing up after all.
Not because any of of these miscreants has any decency, but because creepy-old-self-hating-closet-dwelling Fred weaseled his way into some airtime.
I still can wish they'd celebrate with a big batch of kool-aid.

Fetid Scum from Westboro Baptist threatens to ooze forth once again.

The story of Josh Powell's horrid and selfish acts against his own innocent children is tragic.
The two small boys who were first robbed of their mother, then ultimately their own lives in a shocking  and violent betrayal has ripped through the hearts of anyone who knows the story. I can't begin to imagine the pain family members are experiencing. The crime was so horrific-the loss of those little boys is something no parent or grandparent should ever have to bear. Now, when the family simply needs to grieve, and have the support of loved ones; like a disgusting infectious disease, the venom-spewing Westboro Bastard Church announces they're going to stage a protest outside the funerals.
I appreciate the right to assemble, and the right to free speech- that said,
how many of us wish the spawn of Fred Phelps would simply disappear...that a big gaping hole would open up on 'church' property and swallow them whole, silencing their hatred and malice once and for all. That we could wake up one morning, and as if by magic, they would be erased... leaving Kansas a little cleaner, brighter and a little more decent... and  but that's not to be.
In more generous moments, I think of the Westboro gang like a family of rabid skunks. Imagine how unhealthy human beings would have to be to put so much time and energy into creating additional distress for those already suffering. Like rabid animals with diseased brains, they lash out erratically.  Every time I hear about another planned 'protest' designed to torment mourners, I imagine how much more humane it would be for society if the universe handed them same fate as other diseased and dangerous vermin. If their bodies would finally wither and collapse the same way their brains and souls already have. They would  no longer be able to continue the heinous mission to harass, intimidate and cause pain to people who should not have to endure it.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Cal Thomas is a CPAC fucking fuck. We'd never hear of him if he didn't whore himself out to faux news as a fuckball.

There are prostitutes that wear fishnets and red lipstick. Hopefully they use contraceptives and have access to antibiotics. Buyer beware. Then there are whores like Cal Thomas, who I don't think is intelligent enough to handle used condoms carefully, but after hearing him speak, he isn't qualified to do much else. He's getting airplay on (guess where?) Faux News... this is what he said in response to  logical and rational points made by Rachel Maddow regarding the BIG FAT PHONY-ASSED ARGUMENT OVER CONTRACEPTION & THE CATHOLIC CHURCH... He said, "  I think that she is the best argument in favor of her parent’s using contraception. I would be all for that! And all of the rest of the crowd at MSNBC, too, for that matter.”
So...this asspanda is someone the rightwingnuts look to for providing one of those phony convenient principles that's surfacing now to combat better unemployment numbers and other truths inconvenient to the 'Conservatives'. My, look how quickly he abandons his issues with birth control to try and take a poke at Rachel. Admirable, huh? For the right wing wackos it has become this contrived  fight over the Catholic Church providing birth control,as part of the health benefit package, the same way any other employer must.
I guess it doesn't matter that most Catholic women use birth control. I guess it doesn't matter that 28 states have already legislated this, with none of these windbags blowing smoke.
Just wondering about all this outrage-
Where the hell were these jackasses when the priests were abusing little children?
Where the hell were these self-righteous zealots when the Church perpetrated the massive cover-up and protected all the pervs?
We need protection FROM organized religion- organized religion does not need protection from us.
When is the last time an insane atheist took a semi-automatic weapon to his family or co-workers?
I can't remember.Go back and search news's always 'good christians'  or 'church goers'  that arm themselves and destroy.
Please God, protect me from the Christian Right and the shit the republicans try to pull when the rest of us are trying to earn a living.
I'm pissed off- and I'm over being polite. Heaven help the next bible thumper I come in contact with. It won't be pretty.  If for one moment, these religious fruitcakes showed the same respect for my feelings (no religion) as they expect for theirs, I'd shut up. BUT THEY DON'T. They want to take away birth control, freedom, and choice. They can expect an ugly, brutal fight- it's obviously what they want.
I'm also happy as hell Rachel Maddow's parents had her- thank you Rachel, for having the courage to stand up to scum like Cal Thomas. He's not worthy of shining her shoes.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Anyone but Romney...the GOP clusterfuck continues

NBC has called the Missouri GOP (non-binding) primary for Rick Santorum. Right now, he's also ahead in Minnesota and right here in Colorado. Take a breath, and remember, we're talking about the Republicans.
Seriously...think of the most uncivilized bunch of rat bastards (I think of LA street gangs, then take it down a couple of notches) you can imagine... I only say that because these are the folks that only give a crap about humans until they're born, demonize food stamps (the alternative is going without food) lie about who is receiving benefits, (race bating, and let's not forget corporate welfare) want to control the most private parts of my life (like what goes on in my panties) deny facts and science, and embrace myths like Jesus having brunch with dinosaurs...and that's just the start.
So it is with more than a little pleasure that we're observing the discomfort on the faces of  GOP strategists tonight. This is going to be one goofy ride.

Monday, February 6, 2012

K-K-Karl Rove is offended....oh dear!

So Karl Rove (think Crossroads) is offended by the Chrysler Superbowl
I'd crawl through broken glass, bare naked, to offend Karl Rove and the obscene millions his ilk are planning to throw into the campaign. Should we be offended at the thought of his lips on Koch Bros. ass? How dare he snivel about anything.... ANYTHING. Seriously- I would do just about anything legal to cause him intestinal distress, or offend that pig bastard. If he's fer it, I'm agin it...or vice versa. That's all I have to say about that.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Who is raising the hateful bullies? Must be 'One Million Moms'

The conservative group 'One Million Moms" is attempting to pressure JC Penney into ending their relationship with the Bestest Talk Show Host in the Universe, Ellen DeGeneres. Because...of the gay thing? Sadly, this isn't a joke. When you hear about nasty, hateful bratty bullies, you have to wonder how they got that way. Here's your answer. They've obviously been raised by nasty, bratty, misguided, hateful parents who are so abnormally hyper focused on other people's sexuality that they've lost all sense of kindness, goodness, or reality. I think they're disconnected from reality because Ellen's show has about three times more viewers than they have 'moms'. I am so tired of these conservative train wrecks...wonder if they're ready to give up their Cover Girl, too? Doubt it- it takes a lot of concealer to try and mask their type of ugliness.  I weep for the offspring of these fools. In the mean time, we support JCP.