Friday, June 24, 2011

sick kitty + sick laptop+ missing kids = no posts.

Bad news...the old laptop died. New one ordered and delivered. Husband (aka: Guardian Angel) set up (YAY!) all the crap I am too stupid to deal with.  
Traumatic Mom news...having to put Visiting Adult Son back on a train to CA so he could return to his real life. He's thrilled; me...not so much. (although no one will hear me complain about getting to watch something besides that damn history channel)
Good news... ailing kitty, Anthony Francisco Fabrisi (official occupation: Extremely Bad Cat- but you can't tell from the pic where he's sleeping peacefully snuggled with his cat family) came back from the vet good as new.

I've said it before and I'll say it again. I'm a simple soul. Broken computer + broken cat+ returning our son to California  = operating off the grid until the son gets settled, cat is healthy and computer issues are dealt with.
I have immense gratitude for Dr. Vincent  (we call him St. Vincent) in Paonia, CO; who healed our beloved kitty; Josie & Rick at Radio Shack in Paonia; who found what we needed and  made us feel like we weren't living in Siberia,(they always go above and beyond!) and to David, for listening to me scream like a 4-year old when I couldn't get my old system up and running,but more critical than that, providing aid and comfort while I was in denial of having an adult child with an actual life, and having wacko Mom issues.
He set aside my bad humor, ignored the fact that he's missing the kids, too, and in reality, is not all that  fond of my wicked, evil cats who have been known to do bad things to his Hawaiian shirts, plus he put an amazing amount of support into getting broken stuff (including me) fixed.
Other news...someone else will have to decide if it is a  good thing or bad thing... but we'll survive to post another day. 

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