Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Some progressives need a reality check.

OK. I get that a whole lot of the left is pissed at President Obama. Fine. I'm not jumping-through-hoops-crazy-wild over everything that comes out of the WH these days, but I sure as hell am not going to have a hissy-fit, waste a vote and smooth out the road for the Repos and those Tea Party jerk-offs who support them. 
Stop, take a breath and think about angry you are now, and what life would look like with one of these in the White House... 
Look, I would prefer that President Obama handle some issues (the war, DADT, Bush tax cuts) differently.
Here's my big but... as badly as I may disagree with this administration on certain issues, there is NOTHING that will improve by allowing  more Republicans to hold power, or pissing away a vote on someone who doesn't have a snowball's chance in hell of getting elected-(Nader...hello?) The fact that by nature, getting  Democrats and Progressives to read from the same page is like herding cats, could make life a cake walk for our enemies. And by enemies, I mean the right wing nuts.  There's an old saying... Democrats fall in love, Republicans fall in line. We should have learned in kindergarten is that while we're not the only ones that can expect representation, if we take stay home, we can expect even less. If you're pissed off, work for a solution, don't refuse to participate. For those who think all candidates are the same- I politely disagree. Here's why... reproductive rights, civil rights, fighting the privatizing of social security, medicare, prisons, public schools, etc., health and safety regulation, worker's rights, are just few reasons to support Democrats- or vote against Republicans. Call me a simpleton, but wipe out all of those, and here's one reason that could trump all the rest. Supreme Court appointments. I don't care what other arguments are made for holding back support. We've seen what the recent Republican Supremes have done to the laws in this country.  Get a clue. And while you're at it, offer up some suggestions, support some viable representation on a local, county, state, and federal level that will move our people forward, not backward. It won't happen at all if you stay home. That's for sure.

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