Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Why does the tea party have such a hard-on to kill people?

I'm sick and tired of normal people dancing around the subject in polite company. Drag this ugly mess out in the light of day, so those among us who have more than half a brain can speak up with a resounding "HELL NO!" whenever it comes to what the idiocy-of-the-moment mouthpiece for the Koch-funded, corporate-ass-kissing-lying-cheating-pulling-the-wool-over-the-dumb-shits-out-there-AstroTurf-poor-excuse-for-a-political-movement-tea-party comes up with.
I tried to listen to the Republican debate, I really did. I thought because the media whore Sarah Palin wasn't participating, I wouldn't vomit on the floor. Wrong, wrong, wrong. Rick Perry's mere existence made me ill, and that was before he even spoke. Seriously, the only thing more repulsive than the lies and stupidity coming out of the mouths of the candidates on stage was the gaggle of knuckle-draggers in the audience cheering at the prospect of the death penalty. Cheering for the death penalty. What the fuck is wrong with these people? Did all their mommas get together and simultaneously drop them on their heads, because normal, healthy, intelligent humans DO NOT BEHAVE THIS WAY. Just in case you might be chastising yourself for being quick to judge, and think this could be a singular event, are correct in your judgement that tea party audiences are more disgusting than toilet scum- at least the asshats attending the Florida Tea Party Express Debate are. Setting a new low for a non-thinking, unfeeling, repulsive, hateful display, the crowd cheered when subject of letting the uninsured die was raised. They cheered wildly at the idea of letting sick people die.Worse yet? Not one of the candidates on the stage showed any strength of character or courage on the subject. Leadership? It is completely absent in this group of candidates,  but it is totally appropriate for the audience in attendance.
What we have to ask ourselves is whether or not this group's behavior is acceptable and representative for America and Americans. Is this who we want to become? Is this who we will allow ourselves to be? I'm thinking not so much, but unless we start coming together to voice our opposition each and every time one of these reprobates opens his or her mouths, and unless we stop letting them get by with their lies, this is exactly what we'll get.
Tell anyone who will listen about the liars and hypocrites. Tell that Rick Perry disses the Federal Government out of one side of his mouth, and asks for more Federal aid with the other. That Mitt Romney, through Bain, contributed to the vast numbers of unemployed Americans while lining corporate coffers.
That Michele Bachmann, while busy lecturing about the evils of government-funded health care has been on the receiving end of plenty of medicare dollars through her husband's practice.
Each and every candidate supported by the Tea Party needs to be held under the close scrutiny of fact check- and you need to share what you find.
Letters, people. Speeches, people. Dinner table talk. Offend your neighbors if you have to. Stop worrying about being polite- the opposition isn't. Stop apologizing for being a liberal, a thinker, someone with a brain, someone with a conscience. They're making noise...isn't it time the rest of the country heard ours?


  1. Love it!

    I'm with you, sister.

    Let's drag them out in the light.


  2. Thank you for this, I agree with every word! At the moment I am being vilified for being too aggressive in my blog posts, I don't friggin think so!! I will not pussy foot around the idiotic GOP and the idiots who support them and their disastrous and hateful policies! I will never stop blogging and taking our message to the people, it is OUR DUTY!! Thank you!!

  3. Thanks for that, you two...we won't let them win!