Thursday, March 15, 2012

Time out from crazy.

The political climate is so cat-box crazy that it's been safer to stay off the blog, and park in the kitchen (where republicans think I belong) baking things with so much fat and sugar no one in my family will voluntarily eat them. Sometimes, I choose to sit like a zombie in front of crime drama re-runs, watching various murder mysteries unfold. The thing is, once you've seen something about six or seven times, it is no longer a mystery. '48 Hours' seems like 4,863 hours,  'Unusual Suspects' becomes 'More Ordinary Bad Guys' and  'Cold Case Files' turns into ' Hey, stupid, that guy did it, that guy, no, THAT guy!" I'd really better turn off the TV.
Slowly, I can emerge from the cocoon of safety, stick my head out and see that the Crazy Train is still chugging along.
 Here on the Western Slope, the BLM idjuts have ignored the health, safety and well-being of residents, and are moving forward with 80% of the oil and gas leases that have the potential of destroying the land and water quality in our pristine valley. It's pretty hard to get a clear picture of reality when your view is obstructed by gas and oil industry ass. When agencies or congress members have their mugs pressed up kissy-face close to the oil and gas industry's big butt, we can't expect an objective perspective. We also can't expect our rights to be protected. Heavy Sigh.  We'll continue to fight... but Damn-hell, when one stops to consider that we have to fight to protect our voting rights, the rights to control our own bodies, the right not to have an employer decide what medication or medical treatment they can cherry pick, and choose not to cover, the right to keep our private lives private... sometimes it just gets to be overwhelming. Each and every time I have to hear someone justify ANYTHING the repo's have been trying to pull, I  think about all those murder mysteries I've been watching, the images of  bad guys fade to images of Mitch McConnell, Roy Blunt, Jim DeMint, or Eric Cantor- because they pose a bigger threat to our health, well-being and safety than your average street thug. Crazy bad guys threaten and do harm all the time- but when they wear suits and have an (R) behind their name, they get their own parking place, and it takes simple folk too long to figure out they're the ones we need protection from.

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  1. Very well stated and said in a way that for instance if a tbagger could actually think on their own they would agree I think. Crazy shit. You should get paid for this.

    One important word used - "overwhelming" and that's a fact and said for years this is a huge part of the right's game plan and that is to attack everything everywhere constantly and it works.

    Got much green Skippy. Did you see the smoke yesterday as your neighbor Life on a Colorado Farm was burning up.