Monday, March 26, 2012

Religious nuts getting crazier...

The Glad Tidings Assembly of God Church in Middletown, PA staged a 'fake kidnapping and interrogation' on members of their youth group, using a real gun, and apparently, a real off-duty police officer and real retired Army Captain.
The stunt, which was designed to prepare the youth group for the hostile events that could possibly occur while they are doing missionary work overseas, left a 14-year-old girl traumatized, and after reading an account of the events, it is amazing that no one was physically injured or killed. Neither the students or their parents were told of the plan, which involved mock kidnappers abducting the kids, covering their heads, putting them in a van, and interrogating them.
Here's a link to the news story
The mother of the 14-year-old has filed a police complaint.
Is it me, or are the Fundies getting crazier?
It's not like this is an isolated incident. Every day brings a new example of nut cases using religion as an excuse for doing something creepy.
Their efforts to drag us kicking and screaming back a century threaten each and every one of us- and as long as we tolerate it, they'll keep trying.
Just for the record; I like the idea of missionary work about as much as I like the idea of home invasion.  We know how the same folks who feel its fine to go abroad in order to 'spread the word' feel when worshippers here wish to build Mosque, or choose to reject having Christianity shoved down their thoats. They tend to be intolerant. Funny, huh? Just like the guys on the right who preach about life being sacred are mostly in favor of the death penalty. What a load of crap.
We went to a film festival over the weekend, and several of the comedy submissions poked fun at the Christian right. This offended a few of our friends, who had no qualms about vocalizing about the 'Jesus bashing'. They didn't get that it wasn't Jesus anyone had a problem with, it was those who are inflicting damage in his name. I marvel at how easy it is for them to speak up when they think their rights have been denied, yet have no hesitation about steamrolling over opposing POV's whenever someone has the guts to express them.
The older I get, the more offended I am by religion.
If you are a religious person, hooray for you. Please keep it to yourself. I don't want to hear about it, and I am sick to death of bad behavior and wackos using God as an excuse for defending bat-shit crazy beliefs and justification for denying the rights of non-believers.
And another thing...quit tormenting innocent kids, and stay off my lawn.


  1. One day at work a coworker got a call that said his daughter had been in a wreck and was in critical condition. I worked with a bunch of big-hearted people who were all totally crushed by this news. There was drama all day long as the coworkers texted messages to us from the hospital.

    The next day he called us all together and said it had been a prearranged thing that the high school did to show other students and parents how terrible it would be to lose a child in a wreck.

    It did not go over well. We failed to learn the lesson we were supposed to learn. Instead, we wondered who in the heck was in charge at the stupidass high school.

    I hate being treated like someone who is stupid enough to need a "lesson," on the one hand. On the other, I see a lot of other people out there who sure seem stupid.

  2. That's a horrifying story...especially for those who have actually had to deal with the reality of a loved one in an accident. I don't get the workings of mind that thinks it's OK to play games that would cause others so much strife. That surely does sound like a stupidass high school! Makes you wonder about other judgement calls they might make...

  3. It isn't you, the crazies are going completely off the deep end.
    I would by pass the police and have my own fun.

    Wanna pee down your leg?
    Let me show you how that can happen. No charge.