Thursday, April 12, 2012

Round up of Rethug Ruins

So Herman Cain thinks (?) that men are better informed. He recently said during a (what else) interview on Faux News that "Many men are much more familiar with the failed policies than a lot of other people or the general public."
OK, even if you take the asshattery out of the equation, what remains is  some incoherent thought. He doesn't say 'women', he says other people, or general public. Ummm, exactly are...other people?
Men. Women. Other People. WTF? OK, why am I even's Herman Cain.

Next up to bat, Newt Gingrich. Recently, the 500 dollar check his campaign wrote to cover the filing fee for the Utah Republican Primary bounced.
 Uh-oh. Didn't we just hear that one of Newt's think(?) tanks recently had to file for bankruptcy? Oh, no Fluffy! Aren't you the guy who is always sounding off about what a smart fellow you are? Evidently not smart enough to sign up for overdraft protection- and obviously you and your people have no qualms about dumping debt.'re setting one hell of an example of good fiscal judgement.

Then we have Gov. Chris Christie, who was getting his butt kicked by the GAO's report that revealed the NJ Governor/Bully had been less than honest with his reasons for cancelling the new train tunnel across the Hudson.
 The GAO report revealed Christie exaggerated the unforeseen costs and misstated NJ's share of costs- all so he could shore up the trust that is generally funded by NJ's gas tax. Guess it was more important for Christie to stay the Repo star than to give a fig about his state's aging infrastructure.

All that plus Allen West (Insane Party) Florida sees Communists, and the One Million Moms has problems with: ABC's ' GCB', Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue, same-sex Archie comics, Liquid Plumr ads, Lifetime's 'The Client List', Macy's (two grooms; too same-sex friendly) JC Penney, (Ellen as their spokesperson), ABC's 'Modern Family', Mariah Carey showing too much skin in a Jenny Craig ad, Target (for co-sponsoring and promoting a help-line for teens struggling with gender-related issues), Ben & Jerry's (Schweddy Balls ice cream flavor), Rite-Aid, Walgreens and CVS (for selling adult toys on their website), Oreo TV spots, (they object to the term, 'Shut the front door!'), Gay Day at Disney, and SNL. Those are just a few of the items this group objects to. What I couldn't find the One Million Moms getting their too-uptight panties in a wad about?
Sexualizing three-year-olds. Verbal abuse of kids on dance shows. Minority kids getting gunned down on their way home.
It appears by reading their statements that the One Million Hypocrites are fresh out of moral outrage when it comes to 'Toddlers in Tiaras', the program where disturbed parents dress up their tots like little prostitutes and parade them around like livestock. Or 'Dance Moms' where the nasty abusive excuse for a dance teacher screams and humiliates students, and their parents.  And we have not heard one word of condolence or outrage from the 'Moms' on the topic of Travyon Martin.
Way to demonstrate how 'Christian Values' translate. Every time one of these RWNJ's spouts off, they give us shining examples of what is worth fighting for. Too bad for them,  it's not any of their talking points.


  1. You should get paid to write. But Merka don't give a shit. I keep forgetting that.

  2. Thanks for that Fly...I just got done looking at some random blogs...did you ever notice that all the 'religious' posters really like to dress up their kids in the same color shirts and line them up in the same direction? Now I know why I never match. Maybe it's a church thing...

  3. No I haven't noticed that but catholics are huge the uniform crap at least from yester year. I know the girls had prissy little dresses but I don't think the guys had to. Jeans and a decent shirt. Hell I don't remember. We're dealing with a bunch of German stuff too when it comes to that regimentation crap at least where I came from. I swear skippy it should be a crime to mind screw children with this stuff. As a country we are going deeper into the crazy on a daily basis.