Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Mama said there would be days like this....

This is going to be brief, because I've got a kind of incapacitated by environmental elements (yea, right) I have little control over, and need to go take a nap.

I just learned 3 things I need to share immediately.

1. If someone warns you about ice on the road, and hazardous conditions...they are not being dramatic- they are trying to warn you about the elements. Pay attention!

2. When you run into a neighbor who wants to chat, and you're standing in the parking lot outside City Market, and it's 28 degrees outside ( this part is important) even if your neighbor is standing there in a sweatshirt with no jacket; stop the conversation, and get the gloves out of your purse, put your hood up or hat on, or walk directly to your car and go home. Seriously, go home! If you stand there in temperatures below freezing, with your nose running and your fingers numb while you're catching up on neighborhood gossip-trust me, NO GOOD WILL COME OF IT!

3. Don't for a moment think that you can drink a couple of shots of Colorado's Own Corn Whiskey and go on to perform any kitchen tasks that involve high heat, or sharp knives. I'm here to tell you, unless you're used to it- like other things I've mentioned, will not have a good outcome.

This is a rather short post...because I have to go warm up, check the front of my car for damage; my extremities for frostbite; and then, most likely, throw up.

Yeah, I'm a rookie. What else is new?

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