Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Are you ready to hear a talking asshole? Say hello to Hank Williams Jr.

Would someone please tell me what I've been missing?  Every time he opens his mouth, Hank Williams Jr. sounds like a dumb ass- so why does anyone give a crap about his opinion? Of course it happens on Faux...another slam to President Obama....But not a well-articulated or thought-provoking criticism- oh no. Hank Williams Jr. compares POTUS to Hitler.  Don't they know that every time they bellow the Hitler comparison, these teabaggers sound like they're all off their meds? If it weren't hard enough already to take any of them seriously, this just sounds pathetic.
OK... so I'm not much of a football fan, except for Superbowl when I can use the game as an excuse to invite friends over, in order to serve and consume mass quantities of fatty meat, every high calorie snack food known to man, and a generous selection of adult beverages. Isn't that kind of the point?
That said, like anyone in the US that isn't in a coma, I'm familiar with the "Are you ready..."  game opening- and frankly, I don't get what the big deal is if it just goes away.  They've been using this for 20 years, it's time for a change already. Given that Hank Williams Jr. is a blow-hard, and sounds like every one's loudmouth degenerate brother-in-law, what the hell is wrong with ESPN dumping his stupid ass?
OK, his dad was talented...that's nice, but exactly how long do we have to put up with Jr. spouting idiocy? Of course the tea party must be falling all over themselves to type out 'mad as hell' responses on the ESPN website...I'm guessing that they've got to have something to keep them occupied now that Rick Perry and  Michele Bachmann are self-destructing; Chis Christie really truly absolutely positively isn't going to run, and too many of them can't understand Mitt Romney's big words. Blah.
I'm ready...for these guys to go away. Far, far away.

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