Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Ohio Congressman Hagan kicks ass!

Must see TV...
Rachel Maddow's interview with Robert Hagan (D-Ohio) on why TARP recipients and government employees should be on the receiving end of the same drug tests that the Republicans are so fond of forcing on those applying for unemployment or welfare benefits.
This has worked so well in Florida, where the least popular Governor in the US, Rick Scott, bragged recently about the success of their drug screening for welfare recipient program.  For the record: 2% of welfare recipients tested positive...another 2% refused to be tested...those are the results he's bragging about. Good going Gov! I can see why you're held in such high regard... Hey- Let's make Gov. Rick pee in a cup. As a recipient of a government paycheck, he should be held to the same standard as a guy who gets downsized and needs the unemployment benefits he's been contributing to for years. With Gov. Scott, it doesn't take rocket science to figure out why he had been pushing for mandatory drug testing...the chain of walk-in clinics he founded specializes in drug tests, and (even though he signed ownership over to his wife two weeks prior to taking his oath of office) the company stood to make millions in profits from the mandatory drug screenings of welfare recipients. The problem is, the state has to reimburse everyone whose test comes back negative, which, so far, is 98% of those taking the test.
Gov. Scott is acting like today's typical Republican legislator; finding a way to screw the system, squeeze the government, and blame the whole mess on poor people.
Now contrast his actions with the totally decent Rep. from Youngstown Ohio, Robert Hagan.

Click on the link to watch last night's interview...
Let's run and get that specimen cup for the crook Rick Scott and another one for the asshat Governor Nikki Haley, of South Carolina, who "So wants drug testing" for those seeking unemployment benefits, in fact she states she's been thinking about it since the first day she walked into office. Even though they now know it's a giant waste of resources, and has made the state vulnerable to numerous lawsuits. Gov. Haley sounds twisted to me. I think she would do well to spend some time in therapy if she's been obsessing about this so much.
Nikki Haley is starting to sound about as batshit crazy as Michele Bachmann. Voters of South Carolina...really? Do you aspire to be...Florida?
But, back to the good guys, who want to take a stand to stop demonizing the poor and unemployed.
Robert Hagan is my new hero.
If you're in a surfing mood, here's a link to Representative Hagan's site...
Please drop him a note. Unlike most Republican reps, he doesn't screen for zip codes, so you don't have to phony-up a 123 Happy Street address with an Ohio zip code from District 60 to write to him- His mailbox is open for comments, so please, consider sending an email message of support. I'm guessing his job hasn't been too easy these days, and it might be a good thing to let him know that he's more popular than the former Wall-street dickhole Ohio Gov. Kasich. I only wish my representative, Scott Tipton, would remove his lips from the rear ends of the oil and gas industry long enough to stop lying about medicare and watch my back. Remind me again, how long til I can vote against him?
Bottom line here is- for anyone who still says there's no difference between the Demos and the Repos, I beg to differ. We might not support everything they do, but there IS a huge difference.
That said, if you're in a writing mood, how about dropping Ben Nelson of Nebraska
 and John Tester of Montana (who both recently voted against the Jobs bill in the Senate)
 a note and tell them to pull their heads out of their asses, support working Americans and start voting like Dems.

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