Thursday, October 6, 2011

Time to fill up congressional voicemail & shut down websites...again.

One of the comments after President Obama's press conference this morning was a rather snarky remark from the consistently snarky reporter, Chuck Todd. He made a reference to the tremendous public response after the President's address during the debt ceiling debacle, and tried to draw the conclusion that the American public doesn't support the jobs bill, since the response from the public isn't shutting down legislator's websites, filling voicemail, or tying up congressional phone lines.
OK, if that's what it takes...let's do it.
Would everyone who gives a crap PLEASE start phoning, and emailing?
Let's demand passage of this bill, and demand that the obstructionist right wing get out of the way, and start doing their jobs. Get your own rep on the line and let them know you're watching, and you'll be voting, and if they don't stop this nonsense, unemployment will take on a  very personal meaning. Maybe a message to the Speaker would be a good place to start.
This is the contact for everyone who lives outside Ohio's 8th district.
To reach Speaker Boehner's office in DC, call 202-225-0600.
Seriously...a whole bunch of us would love to be part of the Wall St. protest, but can't get ourselves to NYC or any other major metro area...the best we can do is make our voices heard in ways that can't get overlooked when there are enough of us. The websites got shut down and the voicemail inboxes got filled up before-if you're stuck out in the sticks or somewhere in the burbs...join part of another crowd. Go on...pick up the phone. You know you want to.I just ranted on Speaker Boehner's voicemail, and it felt so good.

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