Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A good night...

None of the final results are in; but AP has called the results in three initiatives we've been watching closely... It appears that Mississippi voters have voted down the 'Personhood' Initiative; a clear attack on reproductive rights. That's a better result than I had hoped for...Yay, Mississippi!  Maine has voted to reinstate resident's ability to register on election day; which had been law for nearly 40 years, until the Repo's over-reached and changed it.  (Oh, no!!! 2 cases of voter fraud in 40 years...a reminder that if we need protection it's protection from the Republican party) And, (HUGE!) Ohio voters rejected Issue 2;  the Republicans' bill to destroy public workers' collective bargaining rights. The decisions are made by those who show up- thank you to all who turned out to vote!


  1. No shit skippy. I do think the personhood thing will eventually pass somewhere.

  2. If the generations of women who remember what the world was like pre-Roe v Wade are able to impress the generations who have always been able to take reproductive rights for granted, maybe we won't get pushed backwards quite so fast...what do you think?

  3. I have such a negative real good shitty attitude and I wish that would happen of course. That would be a very progressive/liberal message and to educate the numbers needed that message would need to be heard all the time everywhere.

    Progressive/librul messages are for the most part drowned out intentionally and for years. It is not allowed nor will it be.

    You asked now back at you.

    I think this really nice totally grey cat that showed up and I was feeding for a couple weeks got had last night as it was a no show this morning.

  4. Hope the kitty shows up & was just keeping a low profile. I feed a bunch of ferals at my mom's house, and every so often one of them goes AWOL for a few days, but usually shows up looking partied out. Hope that's the case with grey kitty at your place. Between cars & coyotes, it's tough out there.
    Call me Merry Sunshine, but I have to believe if we can change one person's mind, and they can change one mind, and so on...then we've got a chance to reclaim the future from the wackos. Things have changed in our house in that we used to be a lot more careful about not offending friends of different political viewpoints. That ship has sailed...No longer politely allow the one-sided ideas to fly as if they are the only wisdom in the room. If friends get offended, at least its for a good cause.

  5. I hear that and the cat came back showing a bit of wear. It's probably a knocked up cat now.

  6. The cat came back...Yay! I do hope you don't get kittened. Is there a rescue group anywhere around that helps with spay/neuter? We're pretty lucky, we've got a couple of groups & vets here that support trap,neuter,return to keep the population down. I have to do some cat wrangling myself, before our ferals come of age. I used to spend $ on shoes- now it's cat food...