Sunday, December 4, 2011

GOP Clown Shoes

The old whore Donald Trump is going to moderate the next GOP debate? Are they fucking kidding?
I've been out of the loop for a while, so I thought this was a joke. It is a joke, but Newsmax (now there's a name that just wreaks of responsible journalism...sounds like a discount news store) really, truly asked the hairpiece to moderate the December 27th  GOP debate in Iowa- which is just a week before the state's presidential caucuses. Steve Coz, editorial director of Newsmax said Trump was asked to host the debate because, "He's very a very well-known, very influential person and nearly all the Republican candidates have gone to Donald for advice, so we thought he was the perfect moderator."
What is more pathetic...the fact that the best the GOP has to offer has gone to the Donald for advice, or that the bullshit hairpiece feels the need to insert himself into national politics- lowering the bar each and every time he opens his mouth?
I'm not a fan of anyone in this current crop of GOP headliners, but at least Jon Huntsman and Crazy Ron Paul had the good sense to tell Trump to take a hike. They won't be taking part in the debate.
If this wasn't so depressing, the antics that go on daily under the big elephant tent would be a real hoot.
How foolish or frightened does a person have to be not to close the door on this whole idiot party?
FYI: the debate will also be carried by ION Television, which means they may have to bump a couple of their Psyche episodes, but since they run it about 18 hours a day, maybe they're hoping no one will notice.  Guess the Donald and the GOP will screw up the quality of their programming, too.


  1. Oooooh.

    Not in place of Psych!

    How about in place of the whole Sunday Morning fiasco?

    They could do it every Sunday Morning until the last candidate emerges bloodied, unbowed, and ready for the real battle.

    The viewers are already in place.

    Love ya!


  2. Good Call,Suzan! I'd be for anything that shines a light on the stupidity of the GOP...and if we could minimize political pundit-asshatism in the process, where's the down side?