Thursday, December 22, 2011

Happy Holidays

We're snowed in here on the Mesa. Nothing to do but eat all the broken Christmas cookies I've been baking, and watch trash TV.
It doesn't look so bad in the photo, but there's too much snow to get down the hill, so the dog and I are spending the day watching Law & Order reruns (I miss Jerry Orbach)  while he plots revenge against the cat.
They've been feuding lately, mostly over snacks. Each has an odd perspective on ownership, neither respects anything on their human's plate. Here's why the dog will never reign supreme. 
Our version of SNL's 'Lasercats'.
This is how we grow 'em in Colorado. Not promoting Sun Maid products, just look at the damn cat.

Phew, sugar overload.
Happy Holidays.


  1. I wish we were snowed in, I LOVE IT! We were 62 in NJ today and will be in the middle to high 40's for the next week :(...My brother does promise a blizzard is coming in January though...

    Have a wonderful Holiday and stay warm!!

  2. Thanks Sue- I've got some temperature envy for NJ right dog, who is named Jersey in honor of the Garden State,(even though he's a native Californian) does not appreciate life here on the Mesa...Hope you & your family have a lovely holiday.