Tuesday, December 13, 2011

NBC/WSJ poll...Let's Make America Average Again!

According to the latest NBC/WSJ poll, the current crop of GOP candidates is viewed as 'average'. Only 21% of those registered to vote in the Republican primary thought their choices were strong. My personal feeling is that the poll would have had a different outcome if these options were available:
  1. Batshit Crazy
  2. Serial Cheater 
  3. Really Good Hair 
  4. Slimier Than a Safeway Chicken
Never mind. We're talking the GOP. Maybe their enthusiasm has been set aside just in case the Donald thinks he can squeeze out 5 more minutes of attention by announcing his candidacy.  Or Sarah Palin, now that no one wants to buy Todd's reality show. Or Carl Paladino, that psycho guy with the baseball bat who ran for Gov. in NY. Oh, you Republicans... you're more entertaining than a basement full of serial killers.
But waaayyy more scary to live with.


  1. Everything is always a scam with these people. This is written to shape the opinion because of the 21% number. It's to create the illusion these people have a heart and that they really "do care". It's a lie and written by Big Whore media whose purpose is to lie and shape the opinion for the 1%. I agree with you don't think I don't. It's amazing the level asinineness we have reached.

  2. I know, I know...I had to read the damn report about 5 times to even get to the point where it made sense. They report on GOP vs. 'registered in the Republican Primary' voters??? WTF? In the mean time, we get treated to op-ed pieces pretending to be legit news. I'm getty pretty whore-y myself, because I so love anything that makes the right wingnuts look like the batshit crazy trainwrecks that they are. Hold on, gotta get the red lipstick and fishnets. Ooops- David Gregory has borrowed them for the night.