Thursday, February 2, 2012

Who is raising the hateful bullies? Must be 'One Million Moms'

The conservative group 'One Million Moms" is attempting to pressure JC Penney into ending their relationship with the Bestest Talk Show Host in the Universe, Ellen DeGeneres. Because...of the gay thing? Sadly, this isn't a joke. When you hear about nasty, hateful bratty bullies, you have to wonder how they got that way. Here's your answer. They've obviously been raised by nasty, bratty, misguided, hateful parents who are so abnormally hyper focused on other people's sexuality that they've lost all sense of kindness, goodness, or reality. I think they're disconnected from reality because Ellen's show has about three times more viewers than they have 'moms'. I am so tired of these conservative train wrecks...wonder if they're ready to give up their Cover Girl, too? Doubt it- it takes a lot of concealer to try and mask their type of ugliness.  I weep for the offspring of these fools. In the mean time, we support JCP.


  1. I'm so sick and tired of the holier than thou conservatives too! I like to believe the off spring of these people grow up to be rational thinking Liberals! :)

  2. Agreed because I trust you skippy.

  3. Found myself blocked from commenting this morning. ..couldn't even bring up the group. Must have been because of my comments yesterday. They received a LOT of negative comments. Thousands of them, yet they must have taken the time to block each one of us. I feel the same as you.