Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Anyone but Romney...the GOP clusterfuck continues

NBC has called the Missouri GOP (non-binding) primary for Rick Santorum. Right now, he's also ahead in Minnesota and right here in Colorado. Take a breath, and remember, we're talking about the Republicans.
Seriously...think of the most uncivilized bunch of rat bastards (I think of LA street gangs, then take it down a couple of notches) you can imagine... I only say that because these are the folks that only give a crap about humans until they're born, demonize food stamps (the alternative is going without food) lie about who is receiving benefits, (race bating, and let's not forget corporate welfare) want to control the most private parts of my life (like what goes on in my panties) deny facts and science, and embrace myths like Jesus having brunch with dinosaurs...and that's just the start.
So it is with more than a little pleasure that we're observing the discomfort on the faces of  GOP strategists tonight. This is going to be one goofy ride.

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