Thursday, May 17, 2012

Colorado's Mike Coffman panders to the crazies. If you look closely, you can see his lips pressed up against birther ass.

Look at this!
It's a clip of Colorado Congressman Mike Coffman pandering to the ugliest, craziest, most extreme element of the Republican Party. The creepy-crazy birthers. I know, every family has a crazy drunken uncle who lives in someones basement- but this Republican Party has a disproportionate number of members who repeatedly hang out in that basement to take directions from crazy drunken uncle.
C'mon Colorado- is this the best we deserve? Fear-mongering, race-baiting idiots that enlightened citizens and the rest of  the civilized world hold up to ridicule? This is fringe crap, even for Republican-World. Get over the stupidity. You guys should have been able to figure it out by now...when you get caught on the television machine making statements like this, it will not win friends and influence people. At least sane, sober people who don't live in the basement.

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