Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Pastor Sean Harris could be the anti-christ.

If I were a believer, I'd be praying for a big clap of thunder and a bolt of lightening to take out the lousy piece of sneeze Pastor Sean Harris; who thinks that folks ought to beat the 'gay' out of their kids.
Someone must have been pretty cruel to him when he was young- but that doesn't excuse the potential for child abuse he's advocating.
Where to begin...I hope Child Protective Services for Cumberland County, NC has an eye on the members of his 'church', mostly because anyone who is backward enough to listen to an idiot like Pastor Sean surely can't have the brains to make sure their kids aren't out playing in traffic or drinking bleach. Plus they're most likely in danger of having the crap beaten out of them if they don't happen to 'fit' their designated gender, according to the scripture according to Pastor Sean.
I'm sure he'll dance around and retract this, or say it's not what he meant, or say he was joking, or some other load of fiction. We know what's really going on. Like all homophobes, Pastor Sean is probably yearning for a same-sex partner, and the thought scares the bejezus out of him. He's too emotionally damaged to deal, so he lashes out at innocent kids.
If I hear one more phony Christian sniveling about how their religious rights are being trampled on, I might have to take Pastor Sean's advice on them. Let's see how far that goes.
Pastor Sean, you're an ass. Pastor Sean's congregation, you're bigger asses for not escorting him off his pulpit when he suggested you treat your most precious children in such a hideous way. 
There is nothing Christian, or holy, or spiritual or acceptable about any of this. You all need help.

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