Sunday, February 28, 2010

Not political, but...

Just found this photo in personal archives. Taken on 9/21/2008. In case any of the Obama-blamers in town (or out-of town) can't recall, that's prior to the 2008 election. Sometimes it is really important for everyone to remember what the world was like during the eight years that the Repos were in office...just so we don't do it again. Yeah, it would help if the Demos weren't so spineless...however- does anyone with a brain want to go back to a Republican majority? We should never, ever forget what it was like, so we don't do it again- and we don't allow a frightened, uneducated, lazy minority of voters from the bible belt to decide for us

You can say whatever you want about me being a crazy,ranting, middle aged white woman... but while you're here, look! Here's a picture of my cat!


  1. Yes it's about politics plus the picture of the cat is not there.

    Do you think it's time to start a link list?

    Politically aware and recently moved from the big city to da cornfield. There so much ammunition there. I wish I had your mild winters.

    In any case OTC has linked to you and look forward to future postings. TB

  2. Now did you post this just to yank Kevin's chain??? lol Adorable cat tho..... by the way how are the others? hope all is going well there and hope to hear from you guys soon! Me? I 'm luvin it here!!!!