Friday, February 10, 2012

Update...Westboro calls it off.

They're not showing up after all.
Not because any of of these miscreants has any decency, but because creepy-old-self-hating-closet-dwelling Fred weaseled his way into some airtime.
I still can wish they'd celebrate with a big batch of kool-aid.


  1. Or play with some Big Bang Theory, with very short fuses.

    Been a while, I do peruse my Blogroll occasionally, get back here and post something dammit.

    Like someone more famous than I am said once,
    " If ya ain't pissed off, you ain't paying attention".

    1. Thanks for the wake up call...I don't guess anyone would believe it if I said I've been busy fixin' stuff...yeah, didn't think so. Going through some word-finding difficulty as of late, but will be back as soon as I can get my brain off 'sleep' mode.