Thursday, April 7, 2011

Boycott Donald worked on Glen Beck!

It's red lipstick and fishnets for Donald Trump, because he has officially morphed into an old whore, and it's not a pretty thing to behold. He proved it again with more crazy talk. I'm still trying to figure out how he can howl this loud while he's so busy licking tea party balls. After 30 seconds of listening to his 'birther' rant on the Today Show this morning (April 7) my first thought was that he was simply off his medication, because he had that irrational Charlie Sheen thing going. Like Sheen, the Donald is always shamelessly self-promoting, but this last bit of pandering to the idiot birthers really demonstrates that the wheels have come off the wagon. I thought Trump was supposed to be smart. This undisciplined blah blah crazy blah wasn't exactly smart. In fact...listening to the Donald 'trumpeting' about oil, what a superior businessman and deal maker he is, and bashing President Obama over a made-up conspiracy made me throw up in my mouth a little. Quite simply- no one likes to listen to Donald as much as Donald. I want him to shut up or be held accountable for lying. Let's just pretend that the whole birther issue hasn't been put to rest. Let's pretend that this hasn't been documented. That the people perpetrating this hoax don't have an agenda. That they don't lie. That fact check doesn't exist. No, wait. I can't do it...because it has been dealt with. Over and over again. It isn't an issue unless you're incredibly ill-informed, naive, believe Faux News, are a racist looking for another reason to be angry at the fact that we elected Barack Obama President, are a conspiracy-theory nut, or just too stupid to think for yourself. As for Donald's time for this opportunistic piece of work to take his lips off the tea party's dick; go quietly into the sunset, and do something good for the country. Fire himself. Wait...maybe we can do it for him. Anyone who thinks Donald Trump is a pain-in-the-ass should publicly vow to boycott everything associated with his businesses. Don't drink the vodka. Don't stay or play at a Trump property. (this means golf courses, too) And...let's do to the Donald what Color of Change instigated against another useless windbag...Glen Beck. Let's contact the advertisers of The Apprentice and tell them we will be voting with our advertising dollars, and as long as the Donald is spouting such irresponsible, disingenuous garbage, we'll be boycotting not only the program, but all sponsors of it. It's a free country. We have the right to free speech. We also have the right to be disgusted, and to voice our opinions and intolerance of such blatantly deceitful statements, and the fools who make them. Read more...Check out Jenice Armstrong of the Philadelphia Daily News; or Michael Langston Moore's Boston TV Examiner column For a tidy disposal of stupid 'birther' myths, read of course, it probably won't do any good if you're a birther. But then, in that case, there's a good chance you don't read anyway. Just settle yourself down and tivo Glen Beck so you have something to do in the future, or wait for the next round of crazy talk from the Donald. It won't be long.

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