Thursday, April 14, 2011

Our founding fathers never had air-conditioned buses...

I'm no fun to be around when I'm pissed off. And in spite of what I considered a great speech by President Obama yesterday, I'm still mostly pissed off about Paul Ryan's budget proposal, and the influence of the tea baggers in general.

It's this whole idea they have of privatizing gains and socializing losses- and the fact that the tea party movement seems to be driving this train.

How in heaven's name did such scoundrels get elected, and why, oh why do so many people vote against their own best interests?

You absolutely cannot reason with some of these idiots. It doesn't matter that BofA, Citigroup, Exxon, Wells Fargo, and GE paid less in federal income taxes than the average American family. It doesn't matter that the tax rate is lower than its been in decades. All they can do is yammer on about less government, and hang on to little bits of phony information that has been hammered into their brains by the likes of Glen Beck or Rush Limbaugh.

When these guys gather, they like to make references to our founding fathers, and speak about tyranny, and the big ugly intrusive government. But wait, these are mostly the same guys who want to tell me what to do with my uterus, and never mind that a ton of corporate money paid to put their fat butts in big comfy bus seats, where they can drive to assemblies and get as fired up as sophomores at a high school pep rally. Never mind that a whole bunch of these people are social security and medicare recipients. Forget that they somehow buy into the idea that 'Americans for Prosperity' has their best interest at heart, and the Koch brothers are concerned with anything except increasing their own wealth and power, and that many of them will get seriously screwed if Paul Ryan gets anything remotely close to what he's proposing. What's especially frightening is that these people exist in a vacuum. They don't talk to others outside their own group. They get their 'news' from Fox Entertainment, so they're really clueless as to the difference between fact and fiction. (if you repeat something enough, and use a blackboard- yikes, it's real!)

By the way...a bunch of conservative pundits are coming down on the President for being too harsh and personal in his speech yesterday. Some said it was a 'bitch slap' to Rep. Ryan. And the problem is...? If anyone ever deserved a bitch's anyone affiliated with the train wreck that has taken over the GOP. The American people should all be waiting in line to slap some sense into every single Republican and conservative Democrat who would consider, even for a second, supporting a budget that is so clearly detrimental to middle class and poor Americans.

Here's a link to Paul Ryan's email... Of course, you're only supposed to use it if you're one of his constituents, but hell- I figure since his budget proposal is going to affect a lot more Americans than the ones living in Racine, rules don't matter. Please- send him a message and tell him what you think of his plan.

And while you're at it, please ask any tea party member you may know...When, exactly did we become a country that has to starve our children and deprive our elderly in order to pay our debts? Would these idiots really have us believe that it's Grandma's doctor visit or the kid down the street who gets a school lunch that's caused this problem? (BUSH TAX CUTS....2, Where are all those jobs that the beneficiaries of the tax breaks were going to create??? And the bastards want MORE???)

Seriously, how can we get mad at the President when we're not making as much noise and getting as much attention as these pinheads who screwed things up so badly in the first place and want another run at it? Does anyone out there remember the surplus we had when Bush took office? Maybe too many people are too busy sniffing exhaust fumes from those big Koch-financed buses...

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