Saturday, April 30, 2011

Who ya gonna call...Ron Paul?

Why do we never ever hear libertarians and anti-government types talk about HOW they would handle those pesky little details that government agencies deal with like, oh... disaster relief, air and water quality, food safety, basic infrastructure (roads, bridges, sewers, water supply, electrical grids, etc.) and the biggest question of all...why oh why do they want so badly to be on the payroll and be part of the evil federal government that they allegedly want to do away with?
Why do the tea party members of congress take advantage of their dreaded 'government run' health care?
Why did the Koch Brothers already apply for the corporate benefits they can receive under the President's health care legislation when they funded so many of the protests against it? Doesn't that all sound a little hypocritical?
When did the inmates start running the asylum? The voices we hear droning on endlessly about less government used to be considered the the 'crazy fringe', but because of the dumbing down and laziness of so many voters, combined with manipulation of campaign laws that have allowed the unlimited flow of corporate dollars into our political system, we have lost our perspective. Have we forgotten that over the years, we've enacted laws, created infrastructure, and a social safety net because of need and necessity? One of the biggest problems we have with the dumbing down of the population is that the generation who didn't have a safety net is dying off- and not enough people remember what life was like before. We outsource jobs to places like China and India and Mexico not only because of the cheap labor, but because corporations can basically pollute their environment at the levels we refuse to accept. Or used to.
Hey, libertarians and tea party, wanna trade air quality with China? Care to drink the water in Mexico?
How exchanging standards of living with most of the population in India?
Think this through. Remember where we came from. The tea party is so fond of putting on silly clothes and reenacting history. Let's check in and see if they want to reenact 1929? Maybe they'd like to switch off Faux News, get out of their Lazyboys, and stand in a breadline...Because that's where the anti-government whack jobs want to take this. They're clear about it. They want to starve the federal government out of existence. "Drown it in the bathtub" was the infamous quote.
 Ask yourself some serious questions about what kind of a country you want to be a part of, and who should be the who don't trust the government are so eager to hand over your futures to corporate thieves. Are you thinking that Americans for Prosperity really, truly has your back?
Are you thinking that the Koch's (who've donated one hundred million dollars to right-wing causes... cue the mmmwwwhaaaa...evil laugh and mustache twirling...hey, it fits.) really care about any one's prosperity but their own?
This is a serious wake up call...someone needs to knock on the doors and maybe the brains of these yokels who buy into the notion of less government, and ask them what that  it really looks like.
This is especially relevant in light of the latest natural disasters.
Your house is washed away. Or blown down. Your kids are missing. Who ya gonna call?
Your house is on fire. Who ya gonna call?
Your roads are destroyed. Who ya gonna call?
Those are just 'natural' disasters...what about the ones created by the good corporate stewards of the environment? We know what happens when the fox watches the hen house. But let's look again...
You have no clean water to drink.  It's been polluted by the mill down the road. (Oh, wait, that happened) Who ya gonna call?
You have no safe food to eat. Corporate farmers have taken too many shortcuts, are giving you unsafe eggs, meat, veggies (Oh wait, that happened) Who ya gonna call?
You have no clean air to breathe. The chemical plant down the road is spewing out toxins.(Oh wait, that happened, too) Who ya gonna call?
The company you work for refuses to pay you for the work you've done. Who ya gonna call?
You've been hurt on the job because your employer put you at high risk to save money and increase their margins. Who ya gonna call?
Then there are those little social  or safety net issues that just refuse to go away...
You have no access to a doctor or hospital. You have no medical benefits, your company cut them years ago.You're hurt or sick. There are no more public hospitals. Who ya gonna call?
Your mother is ill. You have no money to pay for her care, because your employer doesn't have to pay you a living wage. Who ya gonna call?
Your crazy Uncle Vern ( a war vet) is out on the street again, putting himself and possibly others at can't handle him yourself, and need professional help. He's suffering because of injuries sustained during the service to his country. Now he needs help. Who ya gonna call?
The kids down the street don't have enough to eat; both their parents' jobs have been outsourced, and they're in trouble. The food bank has been exhausted. Who are they gonna call?

It's as if we've collectively forgotten why we evolved. Sure, there are regs that need to be tweaked and waste that needs to be eliminated, but everything the GOP has told us is crap. The Bush tax cuts haven't stimulated anything in the economy except excessive luxury spending for the top 1%,  and a whole bunch of corporate donations to try and weaken the federal government. A good number of this current bunch of corporate citizens are the most unpatriotic, greedy bunch of  rat bastards ever...just look at how many didn't pay any income taxes at all vs. the obscene profits they're raking in.
Regulations exist for a reason. I think one of the problems we still deal with is the fact that a lot of the teeth were taken out of the penalties during past administrations...If we lobbied to rewrite corporate charters, and made CEO's personally culpable for violations committed by the companies they run, we'd see changes.
I don't guess things will change until the population smartens up and finally sees that what's best for corporate America is not what's best for all of America.
Oh yeah, and until we collectively tell the crazy-conspiracy-talkers, race-baiters, and tea baggers all to go to hell.

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