Friday, April 22, 2011

It's official...I've stayed too long at the fair...

I started this blog for purely selfish reasons; to document the transition from California Girl to life in a rural mountain town in Colorado. Leaving the comfort of a suburban Bay Area community where everything is within an easy commute (well, perhaps not so easy)  to settling in to a tiny town where not much is familiar, and being self-sufficient is far more valuable than being fashionable.
There was no question my mindset had changed when I saw an advertising tag line the other day that said,
"Pick up a new clutch for spring!"
and this is what I thought of ...
I should explain that auto parts are not generally the first thing that pop into my mind, but lately I've been obsessing about getting the snow tires off the car. I am so ready for spring, but instead of thinking of floral dresses and new shoes, the way I would have in CA, I'm all over getting those damn tires off the car, and getting vegetables planted.
After that's done, maybe I'll think about acquiring this kind of clutch...

Or not. I'm not sure it would go with my new work gloves.

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