Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Gov. Perry...putting the ASS in Tex-ASS

I'm sorry that Texas is dealing with raging wildfires- the harm to innocent people and property damage is immense. That said, I want to hear some ass-kissing and serious groveling on the part of Gov. Rick Perry, who is, again, asking for federal assistance. You remember Rick Perry, who HATES the federal government, and went on the record back in 2009, affirming the Texas wing-nuts' right to secede from the union. Too bad they weren't successful, huh?
Perry hates federal assistance so much that Texas is listed as the #1 recipient of disaster relief on the FEMA website.
It's not the fact that Texas receives disaster relief. That's why FEMA exists. It's the fact that he bitches about the feds at every opportunity, and I have yet to hear him say thank you, or acknowledge that Texas has had their ass saved by the feds on numerous occasions.
Kind of reminds me of the teenager across the street, who bitches about what asshats his parents are, how stupid they are, how their values suck, how they're messing up everything for everybody, but whenever he wants a few bucks he's right there with his hand out.
I bet I know what kind of kid Rick Perry was.

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