Monday, April 25, 2011

DOMA?? Are you kidding...The REAL threat to marriage is the GOP!

I just read that King & Spaulding, the law firm hired by the House of Representatives to defend DOMA (Defense of Marriage Act) has quit. The firm had agreed to work on behalf of the GOP-led House after the Obama Administration announced that the DOJ will no longer defend the law; stating it is unconstitutional.
Despite the price tag of continuing (upwards of 500,000...a drop in the bucket, I know, but let's stand on principle here) Speaker John Boehner's office clarified that Paul Clement, the lead attorney (who resigned from King & Spaulding over their choice to withdraw) and his new firm, Bancroft PLLC will still defend DOMA for the House of Representatives.
Your tax dollars at work.
Let's get this straight. The GOP leadership, those elephants in the room who constantly trumpet about fiscal responsibility, cutting waste, the importance of smaller, less intrusive government, the need to make job creation a priority, and the ever-important family values has chosen the Defense of Marriage Act fight as another 'defining moment'. Defense of Marriage? I can't believe anyone with a brain doesn't look at this and not see a civil rights issue. (Somewhere, Jesse Helms is gleefully rubbing his hands together) I guess the Repos will never get it.
With all due respect, you BOZO's in the GOP, by the miserable hypocritical example so many of you set, pose a much larger threat to marriage than any same-sex union ever could.
In my mind, it's perfectly acceptable to point out all the failings of Republican members, as they have declared themselves owners of the moral high ground; the party of 'family values', plus- they're the ones who came up with this whole BS concept that marriage was something that needed to be defended in the first place.
Oh, yeah, and the fact that their members get caught cheating at almost a 3 to 1 ratio when compared to Democrats speaks volumes.'s a few of the examples we should all follow if we want to defend our traditional family values...
Start with former Speaker Newt Gingrich. He believes in marriage so much, he just can't stop wife-dumping so he can engage in the sacred process...again, and again, and again. Trouble is he cheats with the new ones before he's done with the old ones. Admirable. Then we've got the amazing disappearing Gov. Mark Sanford, who took off for six days on a 'retreat' only to be holed up with his Argentinian paramour. Good goin' Gov! Who can forget former Idaho Senator Larry "I have a wide-stance" Craig...busted for soliciting sex in the airport men's room. Another anti-gay rights guy, too. While we're talking about busted in the boy's room, there's former Florida State Representative Robert Allen, who also got caught bargaining for a BJ in the men's room. And Florida is famous for Mark Foley, the former Congressman who was forced to resign in the gay-page-texting-scandal. There's David Vitter, Louisiana Senator who was caught up in the DC madam scandal, but was better known for his diaper fetish. See, it's all about family values. He probably just missed his kids, right?  Married with children and known for his anti-gay rights campaign rhetoric, VA Congressman Ed Schrock also got caught leading a secret gay life-which is just plain sad. These guys should STFU and be who they are instead of trying to steal the rights away from others. The marriage-is-sacred hypocrites couldn't shut up either...seems Dan Burton and Henry Hyde, both huge critics of Bill Clinton for his affair with Monica Lewinsky, were both guilty of the same dirty deeds. Seems that Republican Bob Livingston, who was tapped to replace Newt Gingrich after he was forced to resign as Speaker of the House, also had to step down after an admitted affair. Speaking of stepping down...the latest Repo to hit the dust is Nevada Senator John Ensign, whose affair with a former staffer involved quite an elaborate cover-up and pay-offs.
My point guys got nothin'. Except pandering to bunch of homophobic morons. Ummm, would that be your base? ( decide) You could take the moral high road and come down on the side of what's right...or you could do what we know you do best. Should be about 5 minutes till the next men's room bust.  

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