Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Amnesia... or simply brains of marshmallow fluff?

Why in Heaven's name would ANYONE allow the Republicans to run anything, ever again?
Have we forgotten or do we just not care?
For eight years we had economic policies that dug us into this mess...and now, even while we're smack dab in the center of the crap the Repos and Baggers are making much worse by acting like the most self-centered, grabbiest, I've-got-mine-so-fuck-everyone-else bunch of stupid asshats; there are still people out there who mindlessly embrace budget cuts that will hurt them. And their retired parents. And their veteran Uncle Bob. And their disabled Aunt Betty. And the kids they have in special ed.
 Do they not see that this is the economic equivalent of bending over and getting the Vaseline so they can get screwed by the Koch Bros, Exxon-Mobile, or any number of Wall Street vermin who might be up for shelling out $700 for a couple of bottles of wine for Paul Ryan & friends?'re ignoring reality. And that is really, really stupid. You've lost your grasp on facts, history, and you are ignoring the fact that everything the Repo's have said about job creation and tax breaks for the 'job creators' is a big steaming pile of cow shit. Lots of corporate profits. Not lots of jobs. Lots of obscene bonuses. Not lots of jobs. Repo's have been yowling since the midterms that they were all about job creation...but what have they really been about? More breaks for the most privileged among us, privatizing any damn thing they can get their grubby little paws on, stealing voting rights, closing down family planning clinics, undoing the progress of health reform, acting like religious nut jobs, and doing their damnedest  to legislate what goes on in my very own panties. I don't see much in the way of jobs, though. If the worthless Republican Party spent, oh, I don't know...maybe 15% of the time on job creation that they spend trying to throw roadblocks in the President's way, and obsessing about how I use my girl parts,  maybe the economy wouldn't be circling the bowl. Except for the fact that they suck at everything except kissing hedge fund manager ass, so never mind, I'm probably wrong about that.
But here's what I think...The Republican Party and the Baggers have one worthwhile use. To unite Democrats and Progressives to find common ground and kick their worthless asses out of any kind of public office. That's it. If we can't come together, and start seeing them for what they are...which is the political version of that creepy, perv-y guy who offers you candy to go for a ride in his car...then we can only blame ourselves for what we are unable to accomplish.
That's topic for next time...HOW TO RE-BRAND KARL ROVE & AMERICAN CROSSROADS AS THAT PERV-Y GUY WITH CANDY???  We all know that's who he really is.


  1. The last paragraph is what it's all about. The problem is our side is real smart. Each one of us in our own special way. So much so many will argue and split over just how smart and correct each are on individual issues. I am guilty of that myself.

    I don't really consider main stream dems as being on my side. They aren't enemies either. Again the dark side holds four of a kind to our two pair.

    The crap we get for news much of it is a diversion from what the real issues are. It's so failed I doubt that changes needed are not going to happen. Weiner pulls his dis-ting out and there go how many day/weeks of the nonstop. It's sick.

    Everyone on the left actually performed well and did what was needed (meaning elections,organizing and such) only to be screwed by these bastard because they're so fucking corrupt. I'm sorry but we're screwed.

    From my perspective I don't want to go to where Democrats are and can't ever see me doing so. That means they have to come over near to where I'm at. I wish again that someone would come out of the woodwork that has a message I want to hear.

    Just got a solicitation from bama today. Of course nothing except a message back with an extreme no and no to a vote as well because he sold us out too many times.

    rover was in town and I asked a variety of people about what they thought and literally 18 out of 20 didn't know who he was.

    I'm ready for the next one whenever it gets here.

  2. Didn't know who he was??? That's just plain scary! That means they don't know who is paying for all that horrid advertising and controlling their brains...Yikes, I won't be sleeping at all tonight.