Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy Fourth of July!

To everyone out there, Happy Fourth!
I'm just taking a second (in between baking) to appreciate that freedom of speech translates into the knowledge that the dumb-ass I had the pleasure of following after the parade this morning has every right to wear that idiotic 'Palin 2012" T-shirt...even if it was scarcely long enough to cover  his butt-crack. (Do you have a visual? Be very glad the blackberry was out of reach!)
On the other hand,  I get to come home, throw yet another cake in the oven, and drop a line about how it boggles my my mind that anyone who can actually walk upright would be seen wearing a shirt supporting Sarah Palin. Driving back to the house we passed a car bearing  a bumper sticker that made me feel like our little town wasn't totally being invaded by morons....It read..."Bachmann/Satan- 2012" in that red, white & blue stars & stripe-y typeface.  I'm sure the owner of the old Subaru had it made up special.
Someone after my own heart. If I hadn't seen that, & just had to deal with the influx of Repo's from out of town, I might be tempted to just turn on the gas, leave the cake unbaked on the counter, and stick my head in the oven. But, I do love my country, and I do love the freedom to disagree.  Let's go on to fight another day....Have a good one!

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