Friday, July 1, 2011

If recent letters to the editor are an indicator, we're fueled by greed and stupidity.

It's lovely here this time of year, except for the people. Well, not all the people suck. Just some of the people. Well, actually only a few...the ones who write foaming-at-the-mouth-right-wing-ranty-too-stupid-to-live letters to the editor to our local paper, The Delta County Independent.
Lately, there's been a rash of mean, republican-y opinions that pretty much consist of the viewpoint that anyone who gets Social Security, Medicare, Unemployment Insurance Benefits, or any type of food stamps or public assistance is a good-for-nothing freeloader who doesn't deserve to live. Oh, and according to these brilliant citizens and patriotic Americans, we must never feed, clothe, educate or provide any kind of humanitarian care to any person who may be here illegally.
The reason why this a post rather than an official letter to the editor? Because I want to respond  without an editor, and let my asshole flag fly. My response to the collective letter-writers who want to 'recycle Congress, force food stamp recipients to make better choices, kick out immigrants, and scold the 'freeloaders' on 'entitlements' is, " FUCK YOU, you dimwitted Faux News watching knuckle-dragging, mouth-breathing morons!"
First off- your letters all bitch and moan about welfare recipients, but never once do any of you mention those on the receiving end of corporate welfare, or big fat tax credits, or other government subsidies. (No it's only people who need a little help feeding their kids they have a problem with...for the record, I learned from a woman who works for the county that here, food stamp recipients have to work for their benefits if they are able-bodied. One more reason these letter-writers are full of shit)
One of the letters complaining about food stamp recipients came from Eckert, CO.  The same Eckert, CO where a few folks received  1,355,540 in farm subsidies over the last ten years. The author of the letter wanted all recipients of welfare and food stamps drug tested quarterly. Does that include recipients of farm subsidies and corporate welfare? I'll bet they never considered that. I have no problem with my tax dollars helping support family farms. In fact, I think the idea of supporting sustainable family farms that bring us clean, healthy food should be hailed. But it frosts my cookies to hear greedy, selfish, stupid people vilify those below the poverty line in order to justify their fear and hatred of brown people, or Latin people. There's been a lot of disdain for the unemployed in these letters as well, but no mention of the employers who kick their employees to the curb for a few dollars more profit.  Mostly these hate-letters describe the thoughts of  weak-minded individuals who are afraid of change and can't wrap their pea-brains around the fact that limited government does not look like mandatory drug tests for poor people,  or forced sonograms for women choosing to exercise their right to control their own bodies.That would be BIG government. Big, intrusive government. (See what happens to people when they park their dumb asses in front of Glenn Beck? Thank heaven that's no longer an option!)
 They think of education as a 'freebie' and like food and basic medical care it's something that we should deny to people who are not born here. Lets stop and think about the real cost of denying an education to anyone's kids...  Think about what an entire segment of the population that is denied an education does to us as a nation. Kind of sounds like what the mullahs embrace, doesn't it?  In fact, all the ideas put forth by these 'good Americans' sound far more like they came out of the mouths of the Taliban.The question I'm pondering is, how much damage are we going to allow these morons to do before we pull the rug out from under their entire tea party movement, with an overwhelming, "No thank you, we're not buying your bullshit!"?
These people and their pathetic views are an example of  how far our morality has eroded. In bad economic times, people show their true colors. It's not pretty. Makes me ashamed these people live here in Delta County.  Idiots who don't have the slightest idea what they are talking about now speak with authority on the growing deficit. They weren't thinking at all of the deficit until the good people at Faux News told them to, now they can't get their minds around anything else. Except who to always comes down to blame, and its never Bof A, or Exxon, or GE...its never the CEO's who aren't creating jobs, they're shipping them overseas so they can collect a bigger bonus. It's always the fault of the poor people, or the brown people, or the Federal employees, or the medicare recipients, or the environmentalists because they protest  having OUR air and water poisoned. It's never the fault of the Republicans who walk out or hold up the vote, or have a fake's always the fault of the Democrat in the White House...but enough is enough. You greedy sonsofbitches are the minority, and we're not going to let you get by with this bullshit, not one more day. Fun's over. We're coming to crash your tea party.


  1. I hope so I really do even though comments from from me are generally pessimistic.

    I couldn't touch this piece even if I tried. Yes they are the Amerikan Talibans. All you wrote is the reality. Yup all of a sudden they're fucking experts just for those reasons.

    It just amazing. A lot of this from the other side I think borders on the bizarre that is how easy they can get so many to believe not one but many untruths. I actually think there's more going on here than just propaganda and more than brainwashing. Somehow I think they are tripping mind triggers that enhance the techniques the media uses. But that's me.

    It's small town western Colorado and a different breed of cat that is for damn sure!

    Good stuff!

  2. Thanks for that...every once in a while one of the former right wingers 'gets it'...ususally after they get dumped by their employer, screwed by their bank, or have their asses saved by a safety net program...
    I keep hoping the loudest, most extreme fools won't be able to tear themselves away from their tv's long enough to show up and vote.

  3. Fuckin'A.
    Right on.
    Like minds and all that.

    Why is it that I had to find you through my Stat counter and then find out I am on your Blogroll?

    Consider the favor returned, you are now featured at Ornery Bastard.
    Swing by and leave a curse word or two when ya get the chance.

    BTW, Colorado, esp. Central COLO, is a right wing haven.
    Think military bases.

    Been there.


  4. Busted... been a fan since I stumbled on your animated piece about the scare the shit out of me, but you rock!

  5. Hell, I ain't scary, I'm a sweet heart!

    Seriously, ask anybody I know .Ornery is my alter ego.
    I even send flowers to internet friends I have never met in person. True fact.

  6. Yikes, that's a surprise. I'd think maybe you'd send a wrench...or maybe a hammer...guess I was fooled by the alter ego! But wait, I guess you wouldn't send that to friends...still, I like the idea of some of those right wingers being on the receiving end of a flying chainsaw...ok, that's my fantasy. Sorry.

  7. One Fly made me come over here. Sweet Jaysus, I am SO glad he did. I heart you woman, and not just cuz you are from homebase too.

    And if OF and Busted come by..then you gots to be a great read..which you are m' spades!

  8. We're of the same mind, friend.

    Every word you've said is true.

    Tom B sent your link to me and I'd like to blogroll your terrific commentary.

    May I?


  9. Thanks for the kind words...I'd be honored!

  10. Dusty-thanks for coming by! One Fly & Busted kick ass... nice to have another from CA...been doing my share of CA dreamin these days...

  11. The pleasure was all mine! I adore Busted and I have major respect for OneFly and his opinions on all things political. Busted and I enjoy the flagrant use of the f-bomb and other cuss words when we blog on we are a intertoob-kinda way.

    You aren't shy w/your use of said 'bad words' either, which endeared you to me right from the start. ;-P