Thursday, July 7, 2011

Outraged Florida protesters... put your money where your mouth is

I don't get 'concerned' citizens that feel the need to paint up some signs, proclaiming they are so upset by the Casey Anthony verdict that they have to cry, scream, and shake their fists.
One pathetic excuse for a mother even bragged about the fact that she left her family behind (somewhere in the Midwest) so she could fly to Florida to watch the proceedings and hear the verdict in person.
Maybe her kids are better off with worthless mom a 1000 miles away, because what kind of priorities does this woman have to have?  Note to case you weren't aware; national stats on child abuse show that nearly five children die in the US of abuse or neglect on a daily basis.
No one is saying this isn't a tragedy.
If you are really, truly as heartbroken over the death of this little girl as you profess to be, put the fucking sign down, shut the hell up, get off your asses and do something to make a difference. Try putting some energy into preventing the next case...or would you just rather wait for an ugly crime to unfold so you can have something else to feign outrage over? Instead of spending your cash on airfare and hotels, you could donate it to a children's shelter. Work a hotline. Help with education and intervention.  Put your time and money where your big stupid mouths are.
Oh...I didn't think so.
Useless pieces of sneeze.
This reminds me of the Right to Lifer's who I used to run into outside of Planned Parenthood. They profess to love the babies, but for all their 'protect life' rhetoric, just like the rest of the right wingers, they don't give a fig about the babies, once they're out and breathing oxygen.
The same people who expound on the sanctity of life are the first ones to slash the funding, essentially paving the way to starve and cut medical care to those very same little babies they say they love so much. Life is sacred? Money where your mouth  is. And while we're on it, why do the life is sacred folks always support the death penalty? Sick bastards.
I'm a hypocrite about a lot of stuff. I'll be the first one to admit it. This isn't one of them. We volunteered at Planned Parenthood, because although on a personal level, I don't believe abortion is a solution, I'll fight until the day I die to protect the right of women who aren't me to make their own choices. It's not complicated. I figured it out and I'm pretty simple. I only get to decide for me.  If you don't believe in something, don't do it. But stay the hell out the your neighbor's uterus. On another's funny how we never ran into any of those anti-choice protesters being foster parents, providing meals or giving respite care to stressed out new parents with real live babies. How's this...if you all want to do the outrage thing, then you have to do the heavy lifting that comes with it. It's more than a hefting up a square of poster board on a stick.


  1. The hypocrisy at all levels and on many issues other than this as well stinks to high heaven. But it changes nothing and your sheep bleet for more of the nasty unsmiling bitch nancy grace or whatever her name is.

  2. She's kind of like the stuff you scrape off the bottom of your shoes, sadly...still on the air. Baaaaaaaa