Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Just because you can doesn't mean you should...

 I am NO fan of reality television. Given the fact that it's the equivalent of a TV weed patch, choking off more and more well-written programs (Hell, it's even killing off  poorly written programs), because after all, it's cheap, and the audience seems to have an amazing capacity for stupidity. As long I can hit the 'off' button, except for that asshat Donald Trump, it never bothered me all that much.
Perhaps because I've grown so accustomed to ignoring all reality shows, I had no idea how out of control things have gotten. Watching rude, ignorant people behaving badly brought us Jersey Shore and  Sarah Palin's Alaska. Easy enough to avoid. But collectively, reality shows have ruined cooking, dating, singing, dancing, and a whole bunch of crap I don't even know about. But someone really needs to explain this latest one to me...The Nail Files???
Seriously,  why do we want to watch a program about a fucking nail salon? Because the owner is a bleached blond and has big tits? Is that all it takes now?(Trust me, tits are way overrated. I've been told repeatedly mine are pretty what? Unless that salon owner can balance a bottle of OPI 'Thrill of Brazil' Nail Lacquer on her nipples, it's not worth a show.) Are we all supposed to be whack-ding because celebrities get their nails done there? This is just sad... Americans are blaming President Obama for the sorry state of affairs in the US, without a clue about what the Repo's are up to, but a reality show about a nail salon is big stuff. I don't even know where to start.
I'm a country girl now. I no longer have my nails done. But, for the 18 years I had standing 'fill' date for those awful acrylic nails, sitting in the salon for 45 minutes was pure torture. As far as boring, it was worse than a trip to the DMV, because in order to survive the ordeal, you had to check your brain at the door. Plus it smelled really bad. Chemically-bad.
It isn't like we're talking about  where the smartest kids are hanging out at the World's Most Dangerous Beauty Salon, Inc. (One of the coolest non-blogs ever) Oh's nothing like that.
This was created by the woman (forgot her name) who is responsible for bringing us Jersey Shore.
You know what I think a would make a good reality show? Dropping Exxon Mobile Pipeline CEO Gary Pruessing into the middle of the Yellowstone River without a paddle or a life vest. And then make him do some clean up with his own two hands. I'd watch that. Let's make Paul Ryan live on an average retiree's Social Security, and follow him around the grocery store, gas station and pharmacy to see how well he'd do. That's my kind of reality. Or maybe make Jeff Emerson, who is Aetna's head of Health Care Management, spend some quality time navigating around their circular voicemail system, trying in vain to get a procedure covered, bill paid, or problem solved. He's in charge of managing costs and improving access to affordable effective health care. I wonder if he deals with the same system as the rest of Aetna's customers. If so, he's not spending much time working...he's on hold. I wonder how many viewers would tune in to see that?
Probably not too many, they're all too busy watching for tits.


  1. You rock girl and I bet your nails look just fine and you're way ahead not paying anyone. As for the - - - we won't go there. What you wrote is the reality but only a few give a shit it seems.

    Meanwhile the sheep including the ones in you're header bleet for more of the swill you describe.

    I have not had the tube for sometime and there is a bit of a downside but not enough to warrant getting it again plus I will not allow myself to pay for the shit that's on there. Anything I cared to watch when I got rid of it I could stream on the internets.

    I read for the first time today about the Anthony women's verdict. Other than that I knew nothing about it.

    The longer you live out there in the boonies the better you're gonna get!

  2. Thanks for that...learned a lot about being irreverent from your posts....

  3. TV is a more effective method of social control than religion or drugs.

  4. There's social control going on with drugs? The other two work real good.

    To think what our society could of been with a bit different philosophy than what we got and are getting now with tv. It's a done deal there can never be a do over. It has been a much bigger negative than the positive it could have been.