Friday, July 8, 2011

Thank you, Betty Ford.

We lost Betty Ford at 93. Not much to say, except she was a class act. Courageous lady, came down on the right side of issues... faced her challenges from alcoholism to breast cancer with little concern for the secrecy that was the standard of the day. She did a great deal to give others the strength to face those many women got breast exams because of Betty Ford? How many of those afflicted and in pain saw her face addictions and realized there was hope on the other side?
Bigger than any political designation...but folks on both sides of the aisle could learn from the way she conducted herself.
Quite a First Lady.


  1. Agreed!! This lady always seemed like she could be anyone's mom.

  2. Thanks One Fly...hey, forgot to mention, loved your photo today!

  3. He was on a leash and very close. I actually had to work on that a bit because it was so overcast when I did it and then it rained.

    I was actually going to post on Mrs. Ford but waited for a lady to do it. Nice job on that better than I could have done any day and she was certainly deserving..

  4. So much rain! I'm not complaining though...gets me out of watering the garden. I'm back to sounding like a partisan asshole, but I can't imagine Palin or Bachmann ever coming close to displaying the kind of character Betty Ford did...I was a teenage snot when she was First Lady, and surely didn't appreciate what she accomplished til much later- so different from the GOP wives & players of today...