Saturday, May 28, 2011

1000 miles and a few thousand feet

California moping again, probably because this time of year used to mean hitting the beach, or at least making the most of my life as a river rat.
The view out the back door used to look like this...

And the critters we'd get to see on our morning sail would be a couple of these guys...
They'd spend all day in the sun, and bark hello if it wasn't too much trouble.

The scenery is still amazing... but what a difference 1000 miles and a little over 5600 feet make.

Here's today's view out the kitchen door...

And this gal comes up to say hi almost every night. Sometimes she brings her girlfriends. They're waiting for the garden to grow so they can have fresh appetizers.

Just needed to take a 'bitch break' from the real world.  At least I didn't post pictures of my kids.

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