Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Save America... from the wingnuts at the Save America Foundation

Coming soon, to a Doubletree Inn near you!
An empty room boasting speakers whose subject matter will create such a vacuum it threatens to suck out any intelligence left in the room!!
Yep, that's what the SAVEAMERICACONVENTION is going to do when it comes to Grand Junction, CO in June.
The photo on the left was taken at a Save America event in Tampa, Florida, back in March, which had  25 speakers, 13 musicians and a whopping 300 attendees. Wow. That's....epic, especially since you consider that Faux star Andrew Napolitano, anti-immigration candidate Tom Tancredo (who lost the CO governor's race to Democrat John Hickenlooper) and if-you-have-a-right-to-health-care-it-makes-me-a-slave Ron Paul were the headliners. Seriously, in a place as weird as Florida, I'd have thought they'd fill that big old room, especially since they literally gave tickets away. Fail. Big Fail. I Wonder what will happen when they get here to GJ...we do have our share of whackjobs; Mesa County is as red as a Nancy Reagan suit, and the local CBS affiliate could not deliver an objective report of the Obama Administration if someone gave the news director a bj as incentive. (I'm just sayin'...they're not exactly on it) So who are these brave souls out to save America, one banquet room at a time?
The ads that pop up on the Save America website might be an indication of their target audience...survival gear and knives, stockpiling food, gold and silver, military education, retirement communities, manufactured homes, and best of all...male enhancement. So if we were profiling a typical audience, it would be a bunch of old gun and knife toting (I'm thinking anti-government ) white guys who are either interested in moving into a senior living facility or hauling their doublewide high to the hills where they can read up about re-enacting old battles, buy gold coins, store food, and enlarge their dicks. Do you get why this is scarier than hyperinflation?
I don't know how I got so nasty, but simply reading a little 2 x 3 ad for this event in the GJ Sentinel pissed me off to the extent that I wanted to forward the next 3 week's worth of used cat litter to the special guest speakers at this dumbed-down-fear-mongering-hate-fest. The first thing that got my attention is that they misspelled the subheading; which was, "Solutions for the Escalting Crisis" I'm sure they meant the Escalating Crisis. Or not. Maybe Escalting has reached crisis levels. They go on to spread fear about "Debt Crisis - Decline of the Dollar - Sharia Law - Hyperinflation - Erosion of Civil Liberties.
This fear mongering gets my goat, because honestly- there are lots of things that give me the skeevies, but it's mostly how easy it is to manipulate crazies who show up for dumbshit events like this one. I think the speakers are a hell of a lot more chilling than any of the red meat topics that they will toss to the crowds (??) at the event.
As an example: The main draw is a author/filmmaker named G.Edward Griffin, who not so long ago made a guest appearance guessed it, Glenn Beck's trainwreck. This guy is so far right he can't walk straight. He's got the mark of the Birch Society somewhere on his scalp, served as a speech writer back in '68 for George Wallace's VP candidate, Curtis LeMay, and is a Laetrile 'quack'. Now, that scares me more than  anything on their agenda. Then there's Martin Mawyer, of the Christian Action Network. He's an old Jerry Falwell fruitcake, and wants to warn good Americans about the danger of Sharia Law. Never you mind that the Supreme Court did that already, about 20 years ago, in Employment Division v Smith, where it was ruled that 'religious law cannot override secular law'. Antonin Scalia even wrote the majority opinion- you'd think these guys would be aware of this...except that facts rarely fit into their fear-mongering, rabble-rousing, money-raising efforts. We're also supposed to conveniently forget the fact that a whole bunch of the Christian Fundies impose rules on their congregations that mirror Sharia law. But it's different because God phoned them up and said it was OK. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.
 Some of the other topics and speakers on the agenda are 'Sue the banks, Sue the fed',  Replacing the House of Representatives, States rights, and the 10th Amendment, but the one that really makes me queasy is that wild and crazy group, Oathkeepers. This is a bunch of Timothy McVeigh wannabes;  former military or police who keep themselves heavily armed and simply can't wait for that day when (they are convinced this will happen) President Obama will declare Marshall Law, so  they can grab their guns and justifiably start shooting anyone who doesn't look like them. That's what this is really about.It's about hate. It's about the fact that these guys cannot stand that there is a man of color who is a hell of a lot smarter than they are in the WH. These guys are birthers, conspiracy nuts, and just happen to have their share of criminals among their ranks. The ones that popped up easily were Darren Huff, arrested for plotting to take control of a Madisonville, Tenn courthouse and place federal, state and local officials under citizen's arrest. Evidently, his actions were an attempt to prevent another anti-government nutbag, Walter Francis Fitzpatrick from facing trial for his attempt to illegally place a grand jury foreman under citizen's arrest.) Then there's Charles Dyer, who was arrested for rape and sodomy of a 7 year old, as well as possessing a grenade launcher that was stolen from a CA military base.(to be accurate, the weapons charges were dropped- he's still facing the rape charges)  In Cleveland, Ohio, Matthew Fairfield was jailed for 54 counts of storing a live napalm bomb at his home as well as other explosives at the homes of friends.  So let's get this straight...we're supposed to pay attention to these people who put others under citizen's arrest, risk the safety of those who may be unfortunate enough to come in contact with them, and are ever-so-anxious to use violence. They think we should be afraid of...laws? Uuuummm, no. Laws we can fix. Stupid, not so much. Frankly, I'd feel much better if they would just set up their own country somewhere far, far away, and leave the rest of us to work out the democracy thing, because it's complicated, and most likely a little beyond their abilities. I don't care how you frame it, all their dogs aren't barking. Why should this be a surprise?  With the right wing, it's always about fear, it's always about inflaming the least educated, and their fall-back position is always 'us vs. them'. Enough already. We've got work to do. Instead of acting all batshit crazy, why don't they ask the new tea party members of congress how that job creation thing is going for them. Isn't that what they ran on? Wasn't it all about the jobs? With all the obsession over where citizens worship, what I do with my uterus, and buying up weapons, they have lost focus. Groups like this are clown shoes. They should stop playing crazy GI Joe, quit making things up, and stop trying to scare old guys who are worried about the size of their dicks. Like that will the mean time, wouldn't  it be great if they had another fear-fest and no one showed up?


  1. To be "fair" Dyer was ACQUITTED of the firearms charge by a federal jury.

    do you have any comprehension how impossible it is for the accused to win a federal jury trial?

    didn't think so -- it would interfere with your dripping hatred.

  2. My bad...he was aquitted in the weapons charge.
    I see you fail to mention anything about the charge of raping a 7 year old child. As far as my 'dripping hatred'?'re mistaking that for total revulsion and complete disgust for this creep. An update on that charge...his first trial on rape resulted in a mistrial. 11 jurors voted guilty, 1 not guilty. He will face another trial August 15, 2011. This 'patriot' also admitted to harassing the child's mother to try and get her to drop the charges. The child who has been victimized has been reported to be in constant fear of Dyer. Nice guy. Someone to be admired, huh? Should we be surprised that a movement full of unbalanced nuts who embrace violence would have no morals and direct that violence on innocents? I think not. I would take a look at who I put my energy into defending. Even the rest of the 'patriot' groups didn't bother to show up for his trial. But hey, thanks for visiting. You have a lovely day.

  3. Fantastic post and response. You go girl!