Friday, May 27, 2011

And the hits just keep on comin'

According to a story on  MSNBC's Decision 2012 today, Tex-ass Governor Rick Perry and his haircut may throw a hat in the GOP nominee ring. That's about all they can throw, since it is widely known that like Bush before him, Perry is 'all hat and no cattle.'
This just gets better and better, with the start of the Sarah Palin 90 miles of bad dirt road tour. She'll probably burn through staffers and folks to write her road tweets faster than that big bus burns through diesel, and when you figure in what they'll spend along the way at Taco Bell, she's absolutely doing her part to jump start the economy.
All we need now is a Bachmann press conference on second amendment rights, so she can  wave a semi-automatic from a bell tower somewhere, and the nut-job parade will be complete.
Speaking of the stellar red team...what could Newt possibly have charged 500,000 dollars worth of, in those little blue boxes, that he's now so hell bent on keeping a secret? It's not like Tiffany sells diamond-encrusted (ow) sex toys, unless they have a double-secret-probation-catalog that only goes out to their best corporate clients. Damn, the only client thank you's I ever got from Tiffany were  a couple of key rings and a paperweight. Maybe that's because...never mind.
The sheer lunacy  of these people is almost (not quite) entertaining enough to make me forget how much I'd like Tim Pawlenty to choke on his words the next time he refers to medicare, social security, education, infrastructure or ANY government expenditure other than military spending as 'sacred cows.' T-Paw, you're an idiot if you think you can refer to voters as sacred cows, and not get trampled by the herd. It can't happen soon enough.  

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