Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Fundamentalist Misogynists..they might hold different prayer books, but they all play for the same team.

A pathetic bunch we'd be better off to ignore, except for the abuse that the powerful inflict on those without any choice. We don't need to have a special brand of outrage for the Islamic misogynists. Occasionally the wire services pick up a story about the beatings or harsh punishments inflicted by the mullahs, and we're horrified. Are we as indignant when the arm holding the whip has a bible tucked under it?  We have a bumper crop of our own home-grown abusive baptist cults, and we don't even have to go far to find them. When the victims come from the next county,or the next state- we don't hear about it so much, until a fresh crop of survivors come forward to go public with their stories. Here's the story that is so un-frigging-believable I had to read it twice...
It's the story of a 15-year old girl, who was the member of an Independent Fundamentalist (what else) Baptist Church in Concord, New Hampshire, when she was raped and became pregnant by a then 39 year old man. The child-rapist's name is Earnest Willis, and he wasn't charged with the crime when it happened back in 1997, mostly because the Evil Fundie preacher man, whose name is Charles Phelps, arranged for the victim to stay at his home for a couple of days before she was whisked off to Colorado where she was 'home schooled', (when home-schooling is done by a cult, it's more like indoctrination) by another church member. She had the child, which was put up for adoption, but not before she was forced to write a letter of apology and read it to the Trinity Baptist Congregation. That's right. The creepy-aiding-and-abetting Pastor forced the victim to apologize to the congregation. If I believed in hell, I think that Earnest Willis, Pastor Phelps, the victim's parents, and every single asshat who was part of the congregation of the Trinity Baptist Church, and witnessed the victim's 'apology' but  did not stand up for her most surely have their names engraved on Satan's 'must have' list.
What kind of a demented individual supports this kind of organization? Do some reading on Independent Fundamentalist Baptists, the teachings of Bob Jones, the unaccredited religious schools, and the philosophies on child rearing, especially 'breaking the will of a child'. These are the guys that think it's OK to beat kids into submission. Even babies. The sexual and child abuse that runs rampant throughout this group of patriarchal  sick tickets paints them as nothing more than the bible-belt version of the Taliban.If one of our founding principles is religious freedom, we ought to do a better job to make sure that includes freedom from religion, and freedom from abuse.  As a civilized society, how do we protect those who are not consenting adults, from an organization that seems to be more focused on breeding child molesters and rapists than any kind of worship? Are these mouth-breathing knuckle-draggers completely unaware that when a 39 year old man has sex with a 15 year old, there is no CONSENT?  Have they ever heard the term, "consenting adults"? The fact that the congregation, as a whole didn't get up and march this guy to the police station tells me there is something morally bankrupt about the whole fundie group. The rapist Willis also offered to drive the victim out of state for an abortion, and offered to 'punch her hard in the stomach' to induce a miscarriage. Nice guy, huh. Nice to know those right to life principles really stick when it's your dick that's in trouble. But hey...the Pastor made him stand up in front of the congregation and apologize for being unfaithful to his wife- so I guess that makes it all OK.
The former victim doesn't sound like a victim any longer. She's 29, and has asked that her name be released for the sake of justice. Christina Anderson was located by police in Concord, New Hampshire after they read about victims on the Facebook page, "Independent Fundamentalist Baptist Cult Survivors". Read up on the Independent Fundie Baptists...if you have a strong stomach. The personal stories are gut-wrenching. I found myself really wishing that these creeps were part of the nutbag group that's preparing for the world to end on the 21st, because if suddenly, all these religious lunatics would make a quick exit, the world would be a much, much better place.

To Ms. Anderson, I'm sorry that so many horrid things happened to you at the hands of people who should have been your guardians, and I hope you finally see some justice.


  1. What a powerful post.
    It amazes me what we as a nation are willing to collectively dismiss in order to feel justified in demonizingevery follower of that "OTHER" faith. While it is indeed reprehensible, at least the Islamic misogynists are up front about it, unlike the weasels over here who try to sweep it under the rug.
    I just cannot get over that..... "The creepy-aiding-and-abetting Pastor forced the victim to apologize to the congregation."
    That's like the people in Texas that think the cheerleader should be peppy for her rapist.

  2. b b b b b but god must be near guiding