Tuesday, May 24, 2011

My version of a sugar high.

So it doesn't take a lot to make me smile. Unlike Calista Gingrich...not looking for the blue box from Tiffany's.
For me, this is better...because I don't have to put this on a revolving account.
First, there was the NY District 26 race...Democrat Kathy Hochul beat  Republican Jane Corwin in a solidly red district. All because that little pervy weasel Chris Lee couldn't keep his shirt on and had to resign. Kiss it republicans!
Next, there was the great news that Chrysler paid back the 7.6 billion dollar taxpayer loan 6 years early. Good for America (and Canada) making the 'radical agenda' of saving 4000 American jobs good business. Suck this republican losers, you've been proven wrong yet one more time.
Oh,  what about those jobs that the Bush tax cuts were going to create...where should I be looking for those? It's time for you to shut up, since you guys have gotten your way far too long, because you told us that job creation depended on it. Waiting. Still waiting. You all were against helping the auto companies...we can find it on tape if you want. Just like everything else, republicans. were. wrong.
Could it be that the Dems are finally finding a backbone? Even Harry Reid is forcing the vote on the Ryan budget in the Senate...so the repos will have to go on the record with their unpopular opinions. Yes! Better than a cupcake!
And last on my list of happy talk, the latest Arbitron report states that both Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity audiences are down. Limbaugh's listeners are down 33% and Hannity is down 28 % compared to this time last year. Eat that, right wingnuts!
I'm going to have dessert.

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