Tuesday, May 24, 2011

It's always fun til someone gets hurt...

Just thought I'd peek inside the big GOP-PY tent to see what's living in there...
This is what we've got so far...

Herman 'youtubesensation' Cain

Vern 'I don't know either' Wuensche

Newt 'Tiffany' Gingrich

Fred 'skunked out of the debate' Karger

Tom 'being a flight attendant so qualifies me to be president' Miller

Ron 'I want to end the Federal Government then run it' Paul

Tim 'wake me when you're done' Pawlenty

Gary 'the wing nuts will never go for  guy who may be pro-choice' Johnson

Mitt 'everyone thinks I'm a great businessman except for the people who worked for Bane' Romney

Then...just to be sure we don't forget the lunatic-yet-undeclared-fringe...

Michelle 'I'm afraid to debate a teenager' Bachmann

Sarah 'the-lying-quitting-can't-write-a-tweet-of-her-own-I-can-see-Russia-from-my-house-Katie-Couric-was-mean-to-me-I'm-not-qualified-to-be-the-Obama's-maid' Palin

This is going to be fun....


  1. To watch these buffoons try to outdo each other will be entertaining if you're into the bizarre and whatever label you want to put on it.

    I gotta stick with what I said a bunch and that is who ever they run it's Congress that matters. Bama gets elected again they'll bitch but they're okay with that. They will win enough in the Senate to override any veto and pick up more in the House as well. Sheez I hate to be like this but that's what I think.

  2. You've got a point, but I'm naively optimistic. Watching the NY District 26 race now...this was always a solid repo district, with 33% of the votes in the dems have a slight lead. Too close and too soon to call, but if we win this, I feel like sending roses to Paul Ryan. Most amazing...and this is what slays me- the repos have already filed papers to keep the results from being certified. Do ya think they're scared?

  3. I think everything they do is planned out before hand - everything.

  4. I'm sure you're right about that.
    Hope we are able to throw a wrench in some of those plans...for everyone's sake.

  5. We'll know fairly soon if the electorate has gotten any wiser since the last election. Maybe this woman winning is an indication.