Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Some fools just deserve to have their hard drives fried...

One of the items on the news today was a warning from the FBI, alerting people not to open emails currently circulating that claim to have a video or photos showing the killing of Osama Bin Laden. Another version appeals to the conspiracy nuts, and promises to show a picture of Bin Laden holding a current newspaper; the purpose being to discredit President Obama.  Of course, they are fakes, and the attachment contains a virus with malware that will embed itself into a user's system, attach to contact lists and capture personal information.
My thoughts...anyone who is either so whacked out that they would be interested in watching a 'death video', or dumb enough to think that they'll find credible 'proof'  of anything in an email message deserves whatever computer damage that comes their way. If enough of these jerk-offs actually get their systems shut down for a little while, maybe we just won't have to listen to so many insane theories.
And another thing... It seems a disproportionate number of news media personnel have had difficulties confusing 'Osama' and 'Obama' during all the recent frenetic broadcasting. I contend that the ones who do wouldn't have this problem if they were in the habit of showing the least amount of respect to the current president; and had been using a title preceding his name. If a 'Mr.' or 'President' had been incorporated into speech patterns, you can bet your ass they wouldn't be mixing up the Commander in Chief with the recently deceased murderous fugitive. I'm just sayin...

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