Sunday, May 22, 2011

Play Ball!

The sun is finally shining; there are about a million outside chores that are waiting, but like a jackass, I channel surfed...and so I here I sit, because the  Sandlot is on again. It doesn't matter that we've seen it approx. 1,247 times at my house, and own a copy of  the DVD.  It's still the perfect movie for a day when the weather makes you believe the seasons really will change...eventually.
Usually not much for sports movies,  but if you've ever been a kid or the parent of a kid, how can you not love this movie? My favorite is the epilogue, when we learn, among the other details, that Squints Palledorous marries Wendy Peffercorn. C'mon- that's sweet. If you're going to be lazy, it's not a half bad way to kill a couple of hours. It's also kind of nice to spend a few hours not being a cynical bitch.

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  1. First one doesn't stream on Netflix but the second does. I'll give that a try.