Monday, May 9, 2011

Sick of this...

This time it's not politics, it's just the weather, and missing California.
We were teased with a couple of days of spring-like weather; the hills are getting green enough so the view from the deck makes me feel like putting on a dress and twirling around like Julie Andrews.

See...don't you just wanna belt out "The hills are alive..."
OK, me neither. Not really. I truly just want to get some vegetables planted, or go shopping, or sit in the sun, or find some trouble to get into. But after only two days of enjoying the spring-fake-out, just like clockwork, the weather rolls in again.
The sky gets dark and ominous, the thunder is so loud is scares the crap out of the dog, and up on the hill, this is the only thing we're inspired to do now...

Lay around and scan the carpet for pepperoni that fell off last night's pizza. Sad. So sad.
Adding to my misery, I play catch-up with friends and find out that my California pals did things like...see Hugh Jackman at the Curran in SF, take a trip to Yosemite, go for a day sail to Half Moon Bay. A reminder of what I'm missing.  My son in NY (who can get good Chinese food WHENEVER he wants it) spent his day off at the Brooklyn Museum.
Skipping back to Colorado, we're not without our own brand of excitement. My husband was all juiced up because he was headed out on a photo shoot...of a cattle drive. And locally, this was the weekend that had both the Sheep Dog trials at the Hotchkiss Fairgrounds, as well as the city-wide yard sale. Seriously, the whole town turns into a big yard sale over the weekend. Which is great if you're sick of your own useless crap and you want to buy some one else's. Me...not so much. I'm going to go out to the car to try and talk the dog out of leaving,

 then I'm going to see if I can find some more pepperoni.

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